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We will provide you with an exemplary level of personal attention, advice and assistance.

And our service is FREE. It is the University that remunerates us for services offered to its enrolling students.

a few testimonials received from clients... 

I received a 5 star service built around professional advice, quick and in a number of cases instant e-mail response, incredibly seamless contact across the US, Australia and Mauritius time-zones, a VIP bridge to the university faculty and administration yielding invaluable help with subject choices, unrelenting follow-up of my application, and speedy delivery on their undertakings beyond my expectations.

The latest Customer Service Training course I have designed makes use of my distanceXchange experience to illustrate the service elements that create real time customer delight.

Their service is amazingly efficient. They quickly make out where you want to go, they agree it with you. They take you straight there and they do it fast!

(Name withheld by request - Mauritius)

As a company Training Officer looking after employee development through distance learning studies I had the opportunity to seek the services of distanceX.com

Their excellent quality and speed of service enabled us to immediately identify, evaluate and implement the exact development course sought for our staff within the company allocated time span.

(Joe Baguia - United Arab Emirates)

I have found the distanceXchange to be very helpful throughout my time studying at Deakin university as an overseas student. Even before i enrolled at Deakin, the distanceXchange provided me with lots of practical help and advice which I found very useful particularly as I found it quite a big commitment I was taking on board.

The distanceXchange were always quick to respond to any of my emails and if they couldn't help they were quick to find the answer from someone else.

Their level of follow up was also very good, for example I would receive an email asking if the problem had been solved or did I require further assistance.

As studying aboard can be difficult at times knowing you can always email the distanceXchange is very helpful because you know you'll always get a quick reply and they will help however they can.

(Marko Humphrey - United Kingdom)

Working with the distanceXchange has completely surpassed my expectations. The representative assigned to me was knowledgeable about my course of study, responded almost immediately to all of my inquiries, and was friendly and professional at all times.

He gave in depth answers to my questions and took my individual needs into consideration. When problems arose he was quick to offer alternative solutions and made the application and registration process very easy!

(Melissa Toporek - USA)

Thank you for everything.

Without your immense support I wouldn't have made it into the course on time to make use of this semester.

Usually, filling Application forms and getting all the right documentation sorted out is a nightmare for me. Your support & timely response in answering all my little queries, whether about procedures, regulations, fees or the course itself, made life a lot easier & made the application process a pleasant experience :)

U r the best! Pls. Keep it Up!

(Sandra Shakour - Sudan)

Going through Distancex.com was a very wise choice I made.

It helped me in ways more than I could possibly expect. University comparisons, subject selection process, enrolment assistance, guidance and motivation, helping me get in touch with faculty, university related problem resolution, career and study tips, advice on books purchases, etc were duely taken care of, which I couldn't have individually managed being in a different country.

The best part was that the speed of service which was instantaneous. It is a holistic distance learning education assistance provider.

Mr. Jeremy Williams' passionate involvement in helping out can be felt throughout and he makes sure that ultimately the student gets the best deal. Through his experience we can avoid the common problems and pitfalls we all would face, as students going through the complex process of distance learning education, wherein most of us are quite new to the whole concept of distance learning.

I found the value of complete range of services offered to be quite unmatched and therefore I am very happy to have chosen Distancex.com for my educational needs.

(Dhananjay Dashora - India)

I can thoroughly recommend the distanceXchange to anyone looking to study by distance.

First, it was through this service that I found the program that I was looking for. Then, I had great help to deal with all of my questions and kept me in contact with those involved in my application process.

Give it a try!!!

(Kym Acuna-Rutherford - Mexico)

The service provided by distancex.com was essential for my enrollment since I had several problems that had to do with being so far away from the university I chose--I am in Mexico, the university in Australia!

Not only did the service ensure that I had my documents in on time, but Mr. Williams, the person who took care of my application, made sure the university people were responding to my enquiries.

He also made sure that the university sent relevant information to me by courier instead of by mail in order to save time.

Couldn't have done it without this service!

(Karen Batres-Kirkpatrick - Mexico)

I am writing this on behalf of the distanceXchange

I would like to put on record, their superb efficiency in dealing with all matters (small or big) with seriousness, promptness and putting clients like me at ease.

The way, it which the clients are managed by distanceXchange deserves a big credit and thank you ..cheers.

(Gobinathan Nair - Singapore)

As someone new to the idea (and complications) of distance learning, the distanceXchange has been an invaluable ally for me.

Beginning with my initial enrollment in a distance masters program, DE staff have provided excellent support and assistance. They have anticipated problems, quickly and professionally addressed any and all issues I have had and, most importantly, have been wonderfully kind and supportive.

By the nature of distance programs, I've never met any DE staff, but I feel as if I have truly personal relationships.

Honestly, it is only through DE's support and expertise that I decided to enroll in a distance program.

(Eric Mehler - USA)

I would like to testify to the unbelievable usefulness and effectiveness of the distanceXchange.

I'm a Hungarian student (22) who was interested in an Australian University's (Deakin University) Distance Studies Program. I had no clue about this program and the university or even about the australian education system.

I found the institution (Deakin) on the web by following the search of the major I was looking for. There was the possibility to ask questions and receive information through an e-mail address of the distanceXchange.

To tell you the truth, I didn't expect any response but I got quickly thorough answers to my possibly stupid questions, and from that point on I am in a very good and close contact with Jeremy Williams who helped me always in every case.

I am very glad that I could find him and the service and I am sure I am going to use this possibility throughout my whole carrier at Deakin.

I find it amazing that Jeremy knows every answer and if not he goes after it, responds to my e-mail immediately and always has a nice message or wish to me accordingly he establishes a very good (moreover friendly) relationship with me.

Even more he never forgets my ongoing projects and ask for feedbacks.

All in all, I get a full and high level service from this organization what I truly appreciate, I think this is the best way to begin and get familiar with the University and to always find appropriate and quick help to almost any problem throughout the semesters.

I thank you Jeremy and the distanceXchange for your help and wish you good luck for the future. Sincerely, Melinda Harlov

(Melinda Harlov - Hungary)

During my inscription and subsequent start of studies with Deakin University, "DistanceXchange" proved most helpful in dealing with the often less than transparent working of a university.

Answers to queries, facilitating and pushing for responses, and generally acting as intermediary in an efficient and cordial manner within very short time frames has been the hallmark of DistanceXchange.

As far as undersigned is concerned, the service provided has actually enabled me to start studies - i am not sure i would have been able to do it otherwise.

(Jean Tissot - Israel)

My experiences with distanceX.com, and especially with Jeremy Williams - who is my contact person - have been excellent.

I believe that other companies should copy the customer service that distanceX.com offers in order to improve their businesses.

The service of distanceX.com exceeded my expectations, whether in answering questions, solving problems, gathering information for me or in thinking ahead and sending me reminders for due dates.

I am very happy with the support that I have received.

Thank you so much for everything you've done for me.

Warm regards, Caroline

(Caroline Shackleton - Nigeria)

DistanceXchange supplied my with very fast and efficient information I needed to complete my application at Deakin University. They have always answered my questions clearly and in detail.

The Faculty of Arts directed me in many ways due to recommendations from Jeremy.

Now, I am a student at Deakin University registered for Masters of Art in Literature and Professional Writing.

Thank you Jeremy!

(Mohammad Rahil - Lebanon)

When I came across my ongoing Community and International Development Master program, I was still quite undecided as to whether or not I really wanted to undertake these studies.

DistanceXchange gave me the momentum I needed to commit myself.

Thanks to their dynamism and efficiency, I found myself registering for the program in no time. First, they provided me with ample information about the program, then they contacted the University Faculty for registration and gave me precious assistance during the registration process. Even now that I am in the program, DistanceXchange has maintained contact and writes me now and then to ensure all is well and offer advice.

I am very thankful to DistanceXchange for they have truly assisted me to discover a new field that I am enjoying to the point where I want to make it my new career.

Thanks DistanceX.

(Angeline Djampou - Tanzania)

My first contact with Deakin University was through distanceXchange.

When I needed clarification on registration procedures, they provided prompt response. When I wanted alternative methods of fees payment, it was distanceXchange. When I needed advise on subject selection, i knew I could count on distanceXchange.

I got informed, spot-on and speedy responses.

They made all the difference in my final enrolment at Deakin

(Adebayo Fayoyin - Kenya)

DistanceXchange's support has been truly fantastic!

I found all the areas, including the level of service, speed of feedback and overall quality at an excellent level.

In addition, the faculty's understanding on the level of my work demands has afforded me with the flexibility that I need to pursue a Master's degree without sacrificing my work

(Ekram El-Huni - Lebanon)

I ran by Distancex.com when I was Googling for a place that offers Masters of Health Informatics. This was in Oct 2005. Since then, I was in close contact with Jeremy.

I am studying at Central Queensland University (CQU) now. Jeremy went the extra step to help as CQU stopped the program and then restarted it again five months later. Jeremy informed me about the updates.

Jeremy was in close contact with CQU till I got accepted. During that period I contacted different universities but you get very delayed responses. But at Distancex. responses are fast: same/next day.

Having someone like the people from Distancex.com on your side and not the university side was a new and enjoyable experience for me. (I did not even pay for the service!)

(Khalid Al-Maghaslah - Saudi Arabia)

Your service was excellent with frequent and helpful communication from the beginning of my application process through to the commencement of my course. You were helpful in guiding me to the right program and answering questions that helped me make the right choices for coursework. Your were always quick to reply to my email questions and always friendly! Thank you so much for your help throughout the entire process (even now!).

(Margaret Mayer - USA)

Coach, diplomat, lobbyist, counselor, detective, cheerleader...these are the many hats that the folks at the distanceXchange must wear. Jeremy and team took me under their wing, and my successful application to a Master's program (which I never thought I could even consider) is a direct result of distanceXchange's motivational style and professional dedication.

My complex and pitfall-ridden situation was approached as an enjoyable challenge, my countless queries were patiently answered quickly (almost spookily so) and thoroughly, and each obstacle along the way was immediately addressed, all with a sincere, personal touch that reflects, in contrast, what I find sorely lacking in many institutions today.

The rest is up to me now, but I know I would not be here at this time without the guidance (and hand-holding) of Jeremy Williams and the distanceXchange team! Merci beaucoup mes amies!

(Sarah Howe - Canada/Indonesia)

I am familiar with distance learning - having been on a number of distance learning courses worldwide. When I decided to join this particular course I was therefore anticipating an endless trawl through sites, blind ends, unanswered and unacknowledged questions - a huge waste, but I presumed necessary, time and ceaseless frustration.

I was hugely surprised therefore to be contacted by 'Jeremy' from distanceXchange shortly after I made my initial enquiry about the course. Any questions I asked, he answered fully and promptly and although I dithered about whether to take the course, and which modules, he showed extraordinary patience. At the same time he put no pressure on me to either take the course, or to rush in making a final decision.

His support has continued during the course as a result of my concern about my unexpected increased time restrictions and the impact of this on my on-line participation and assignments. Knowing that I have his background support and advice is proving a great comfort, a huge time saver, and now, I am beginning to think, a service all distance learner providers should consider offering.

(Sarah Green - Great Britain)

With the assistance from distanceXchange, I managed to started my Nutrition course at Deakin University as an off-campus student this year.

DistanceXchange offers excellent service and advice throughout the application process, particularly the slow response one would probably encounter at this stage. Their timely quality responses avoid lots of worries I might have to endured should I choose to submit my application direct to the university.

At the beginning I do have reservation of having a third person on handling my application, especially an agent which I only come to know online. But it proves that distanceXchange is a professional and reliable party.

(Elman Lee - Hong Kong)

incerely speaking, I am very impressed by the way you assisted me since our first contact up to now. My contact with you has been more of a learning opportunity than service providing. Learning because we are in a country were almost every service is substandard compared to many others in Africa. But your interest in assisting me without being physically in contact is of great help to see how you are always available to help and suggest alternatives to keep us moving.

Your replies to my mail are quick and satisfactory. I also appreciate the way you guide me and are concerned about my success.

(Way Alege - Uganda)

I found distancexchange and its employees to be extremely professional in their approach to my needs and concerns. I was treated as high priority, given quick and informative responses and felt that they were very competent in dealing with any problems that i encountered. I also felt that they gave a lot of support and encouragement, such as post service emails and forwarding of emails to the appropriate people. In short, i was very impressed with their service.

(Daniel Martin - Great Britain)

Since I registered my interest to undertake MBA program online, the distanceXchange support has been excellent. My queries relating to the course program up to registration has been dealt with efficient by linking to the right people. I got registered for the program smoothly thanks to the efficiency of the distanceXchange.

(Arilla Haro - Papua New Guinea)

This is Muhammad Abdul Tawab, I am proud to say I found DistanceX in my search of a reputable institute for Masters very valuable, helpful and assisting. The level of services I received was polite and just amazing. The prompt response to my emails was simply great. It helped me make my decisions quickly. This is not just it, DistanceX always gave me extra information of whatever I've asked which I believe is sign of the best quality of service and honesty. DistanceX was in constant contact with the faculty of my university as now during my semester I found out that whatever they replied to me was very accurate. I guess I have made the right choice by talking to DistanceX as during my semester they are still in contact and checking on my progress.

(Muhammad Abdul Tawab Khurram Khan - Pakistan)

My name is Amelie. I am a French aid worker based in the Indian sub-continent. When I decided to apply to the Master of International & Community Development at Deakin university, I started by browsing their website. Online application was a little challenging. I could not locate all the necessary information and requirements for my specific case as an international, off-campus student. I then posted an inquiry and was directed to the Distance Exchange. Jeremy, in charge of student services, answered me immediately. It matters when you have five hours time difference! He provided me with clear and targeted information about the course, the application procedure and the enrolment requirements. He assisted me with each step of my enrolment from forwarding my academic evidence and supporting documentation to the faculty to following up on my application once submitted for consideration. Thanks to his continued support, I could keep my focus on my professional activities all along the enrolment process and spare substantial overseas telephone expenses! I am now enrolled and Jeremy has helped me tremendously in getting started and obtaining specific information and advice about my studies directly from the faculty. I am very grateful to Jeremy and the Distance Exchange. Thanks to their dedication, I made it to start on Semester 2 although my first inquiry was a little late. Their quick and efficient response made the difference.

(Amelie Stahl - Sri Lanka)

I started to have contact with Deakin University in November 2006 while finishing a Master of Art in Political Sciences, through Distancex. I found the quality of services quite high; I had the same day the answers required to go further on my application. Despite the important time difference, answers were timely and appropriate. Distancex was a very good interface between Deakin, and me as I had so many queries more specifically at the beginning. I could start at the first semester, but as well advised by the contact person from Distancex, it would have been too heavy while finishing my first master. When I took contact again to re-initiate my application, things ran very fast and I was able to start the second semester in time. I want to address a special thanks to Jeremy Williams who helped me substantially, during the application process, with good advice, timely and appropriate answers, clearing very quickly misunderstandings, and helped me to get required answers directly from the University.

(Jean-Marc Cordaro - Mozambique)

Distance Exchange is the best school agency ever, very quick response, easy to communicate, A++ level of service, very good advice about your school, trustworthy, highly recommended to you all.

(Henry Jauwhannes - Indonesia)

The DistanceXchange had helped me in applying for course study at Deakin University very well. They responded to my enquiries very fast. The company officer, Jeremy, gave me very good advice, checked all my scanned documents, and reached me via email very fast when some of the required documents were missing. When I asked about my entry process, Jeremy quickly asked his colleagues in the university and replied to me right away whether I still had to wait or get the offer or not. DistanceXchange is really helpful for people who need help in entering the university.

(Samontorn Samunual - Thailand)

Good, responsive level of service - always willing to answer all of my questions, however many or detailed! Always willing to contact the faculty where needed to answer my queries; information always accurate. Practical, down-to-earth advice. Any difficulties were solved effectively.

(Max Ditchfield - United Kingdom)

Greetings from Kenya. I would like to say that I have found the distanceXchange a very reliable organization that always gives a very timely and well informed response to any enquires that I have had concerning long distance education. As I am doing a long distance course from a developing country having this almost personal assistance to any question that I had was invaluable in both the preliminary stages of enquiry and right up to and including when I have started the course. At the start of the course I did have difficulties in trying to get access to on-line information. I asked the distanceXchange and they gave immediate and valuable information that assisted me in contacting the right people.

(Ingrid Mason - Kenya)

First I found the address of distancex.com in the website of Deakin University for online study. Usually people feel very nervous when they are looking on the web for something needed like a good entry to contact for info of a new facility, a school or a company, wondering whether or not you can get a nice and enough information from it. What kind of person? Very slow? Difficult to understand? No enthusiasm? I just contacted to the address recommended on the Uni website with such anxiety. Then, surprisingly, I got an email very quickly from one person (Jeremy) in the company with very useful advice in a friendly manner. The important thing in such help is the speed. In this companies case, whenever you ask something on email, you can get the answer soon, many cases in a minute. Quick is the best, isn't it? I sometimes contacted him at midnight, even at 3 o'clock in the morning; I could get the answer immediately. I wondered when he was sleeping, where he was living. Before and after the entrance in Uni,

Jeremy helped me in many cases with good advice. He is always being there beside me. Good luck!

(Nobuko Shomoto - Japan)

You have been providing very good service to me since my first communication with you. You never disappoint me with your quality of response. Thanks.

(Siew Peng Yew - Malaysia)

I have consistently received fast and good service from distanceXchange, very helpful, very much on the ball. They have sought to resolve problems, even when they are very specific to an individual. I find them a very key player in my interactions with the university.

(Sanjeev Miglani - Singapore)

1. The level of service received: Fantastic! Deakin University has a well designed support system for off campus students. I am glad I made the right choice. 2. The speed of response to inquiries: I must admit that the speed of response to inquiries has been outstanding; at most I have been receiving responses within 24 hrs. 3. The quality and depth of answers provided: I started inquiring about the post graduate program (Master of Politics and Policy) since mid 2007 and frankly I should admit that I was never disappointed with the quality and depth of answers provided. 4. Problem resolution: The only problem encountered so far has been on the shipment of my semester 2 study materials but support from the student service department was outstanding in addressing this problem Thanks


Gram Matenga - Sudan)

Thanks to you Jeremy, for encouraging me to try! I have much appreciated your help and are amazed at how well timed and 'on top of things' your communication is - you have a gift.

(Jeroen Keuning - Netherlands)

When I decided to study in Australia I did some investigation regarding the universities. I even went over for one week with a lot of expenses but at the end had no answers. Jeremy contacted me and from there I got all the information and assistance I needed. Without his assistance I'll still be stuck in South Africa with no first semester already behind me. The advice and assistance he gave me on problem matters was spot on, and delivered it within 24 hours. Regards

(Frik van der Walt - South Africa)

Deakin University - Faulty of Business and Law. As a part of fulfilling certain conditions to be admitted to the Victoria Bar, I was required to study and pass examination in three areas of law. I am a legal practitioner outside Australia and it would not have been possible to take time out and do these units in Australia. As a result I made enquiries from Deakin University about doing the subjects as an overseas off campus student. I received an immediate and accurate reply from Mr. Jeremy Williams from Student Services, explaining that he had handled this situation before and sent me all the relevant material for my application. The information he provided and the courteous replies, assured me that I was on the right track. The application process was simple and I was enrolled as an overseas off campus student within a few days. Thereafter, I received my study material by post/ courier well before the courses commenced. Mr. Williams was also extremely helpful to me during the course fee payment, since there are very strict regulations relating to foreign currency remittances. The team promptly provided me with all the required documentation in order for me to expedite the payments. The course units have compulsory text books. As an overseas off campus student, I was able to check these items from the library and they were delivered by courier to me. Additionally, the online helpdesk was extremely helpful in ensuring that books that were difficult to reserve were made available. This assistance was provided in real time. The examination procedure was well coordinated and hassle free. The staff is professional, courteous and prompt. I would recommend their services and the University without any hesitation.

(Aruna Samarajewa (LLM) - Sri Lanka)

I was initially hesitant about the level of administrative guidance I would receive in a distance learning program. However, in working with my representative from Distancex.com, my concerns were immediately alleviated. My representative was knowledgeable and extremely timely in his responses. He was excellent in getting me connected to the right people at my university and he always followed up to make sure my questions had been answered. This level of support is exactly what is needed when one undertakes a distance learning program. I have my own advocate, and that is priceless.

(Beth Meany - USA)

I have been recently accepted as student for a Master of Arts in Arts Management, and I would like to credit part of that achievement to the support provided by the distanceXchange during my application process. What impressed me most was the prompt response to any inquiry at any time of day or night that I usually had throughout my application. The distanceXchange helped me in several aspects from clarifying the course contents to checking my application for clarity and correctness. I have received direct-to-the-point and structured answers to all my questions, which really helped me a lot in being accepted into the graduate program. I greatly recommend the distanceXchange support for their professionalism, skillful counseling, prompt response, quality and depth of answers, and most importantly the friendly discussions we had during my application process. Thanks a lot!

(Leandra Machado - Taiwan)

I am so thankful to you. Because of you i was able to continue my studies. The process took a longer time because of my university, but you always updated me with what's happening. Your efforts made this possible to me. Next time if need any assistance in any further education the first person who comes to my mind will be you. You had a lot of patience to deal with circumstances. Thank you Once again.

(Thirumurugan Sriranjan - Switzerland)

DistanceX has not only supported me extremely well during the enrolment process at Deakin University but also has been a reliable and trustworthy support during my decision process whether or not I should take the step towards making my Masters by distance studying. Communication has not only been quick in regards to response time but also detailed and clear with all information necessary and useful. Even today where my studies started already I can rely on Deakin to support me with clarifications or information required from the faculty. 100% service - all the way. Thanks DistanceX

(Hendrik Bohne - Germany)

The distanceXchange was really helpful when I applied for Deakin University's master degree for off campus student. I have to say that the personnel was really knowledgeable on the program, always provided thorough explanation, and always showed the attitude "ready to assist" every time I have questions even when it was very basic or when I just could not remember what they have replied before. Most importantly, they have helped and followed-up promptly for every required steps that I had to take during the application.

(Karina Stephanie - Indonesia)

Enroling for a college course is not an easy task. In many cases the combination of documents to be filled and submitted, courses to be selected and fees payment processes saps energy out of the student. DistanceX has made my life easy by being my partner for my enrolment with Deakin University. What impressed me most about their services is the speed of their response and they persistent follow up and tracking; both to the student and to the university. Their responses to questions are prompt and detailed, evidence of knowledge of the products they are promoting.

(Christopher Nyamandi - Sudan)

I greatly appreciate the distanceXchange in aiding me planning my postgraduate studies by providing the best options/pathways available in terms of duration of completion and quality of the course. My enquiries regarding to the course were responded in detail and quickly, leading to a smooth and efficient application process. Often, the information provided is sufficient and highly relevant. Thus, I am highly satisfied with distanceXchange's service that I am able to obtain successful application. Thank you.

(Hou Yang Soon - Malaysia)

As it had been many years since I had had to submit a University application the whole experience was quite an adventure. The services that the DistanceXchange provided most certainly ensured that my acceptance to Deakin University was successful. The advise was honest, direct and accurate and one can see that it must have drawn from the extensive experience that DistanceXchange have accumulated and the contacts they have with the Universities they work with to meet our application needs. The amount of information and response time from Jeremy Williams at DistanceXchange was quite amazing. The information was wonderfully comprehensive and accurate and so prompt that I had the opportunity to respond and progress through the registration process without problem. It was also tremendous to know that the information feed from DistanceXchange lined up with the expectations, requirements and information I need to meet all Deakin Registration needs. I am confident anyone using DistanceXchange services will be as successful as I was. Many thanks Jeremy.

(Geoff Kidson - China)

I am gladly supporting that the support system is superb! Taking into account the fact of the distance and other technological factors, the response time is prompt and very interactive. I could write and the response comes from all the quarters where the SOS was sent. I feel like we are so close in terms of distance because I do not miss out on anything that I should know on time. Examples: Confirmation of my payments was followed promptly and I was kept informed. The Programme Chair also sent me information as soon as I was in touch with him and very understanding about submission dates due to late arrival of study material. The DSO responds on all enquiries, I was especially impressed with the DHL information about the Study Guides, as soon as I got the tracking information, I got them promptly. As for Jeremy, I feel like I know you. You have been encouraging me and keeping me informed. I really feel welcome on this programme and also by the university.

(Abigail Hlabano - Botswana)

I have recently joined the Deakin-CIMA MBA program as an overseas student. I must say that I am quite pleased with the level of services rendered and the speed of response I have thus obtained. The staffs I have dealt with have been quite prompt, friendly and helpful in answering my queries and providing support. Thumps up!

(Iman Abdella - Qatar)

It was through my application to Deakin University that I first came into contact with the distanceXchange. Jeremy was my contact and from the first email I felt supported. Jeremy's communication was prompt, informative and friendly. Nothing was too much trouble. What ever my question, no matter how small, he would supply the relevant information or contact address. He went out of his way to be helpful and guided me through the whole application process, checked that everything was ok and even went as far as to wish me luck when the course began. I never had to wait for an answer even at the weekends there was my "guiding hand", at the other end of the line. I have been more than satisfied and grateful for all the help and support I have been given and would recommend them without reservation. Thanks

(Teresa Nissan - Kuwait)

I recently started an online master's degree after more than 10 years out of school, and I'm very grateful for the assistance I received from Jeremy Williams of the distanceXchange. Jeremy has been a huge help to me throughout the application and enrolment process. I had many questions during this time, and his answers were always prompt and helpful. He made every effort to address my concerns and resolve problems - for example, when my fee payment mysteriously wasn't recorded, he contacted the appropriate person right away with my proof of payment. I highly recommend the distanceXchange to anyone looking to make a positive change in his or her life and pursue further education via online studies. The friendly and efficient services they provide make it much, much easier.

(Eileen Cahill - Canada)

My experience with distancex has been extremely pleasant and professional. The response time is always within 24 hours and Jeremy, the representative is proactive, resourceful and understands his clients' need very well.

(Soon Wan Ooi - Malaysia)

I would highly recommend distanceXchange and especially Jeremy to any person who wishes to undertake distance learning but do not know where to start. This is my first time doing distance studies and I am very pleased with the service from Jeremy, he provides me with instant responses and can answer to all my enquiries regarding the long distance studies. Thank you.

(Soutsada Pathammavong (Tina) - Thailand)

Using DistanceX took all the hassle out of choosing the course and the application process. Having their Knowledge on hand was invaluable and made it a hassle free experience.

(Chris Hurn - Australia)

The service provided to me by DistanceXchange was wonderful. I have been a student in a couple of college and universities, but I never received such a fast, reliable and caring service. Answers were given promptly, even if I live in a totally different time zone, answers were always clear and complete. Studying at distance can seem very complicated to manage, but thanks to their help I was able to solve all the problems I encountered, and the staff always made sure - personally - that I had no more difficulties. Thanks again!

(Maxime Chouinard - Canada)

To start with, I am grateful for the guidance and support that I got from the staff of DistanceX. I still can remember the time I got in touch with you requesting for counselling and guidance in regards to the current course I am pursuing with Deakin University in Jan 2008. That guide was a determining factor for my further studies, which turned to be positive now. The professional approach and persuasion was excellent. All in all, your professional guidance shaped my career and professional destiny. Regards,

(James Ohurey ALAM - Sudan)

distanceXchange and Jeremy Williams in particular is an indispensable liaison between Deakin University and the student. Jeremy guided me through the entire process of applying, enrolling and getting started at Deakin. Jeremy answered all my questions speedily, gave me the right answers, offered pertinent advice and referred me to the appropriate personnel when necessary. distanceXchange and Jeremy have made my online education experience easier to manage.

(Renelaine Pfister - USA)

I classify Distance X as the DHL for student connection with any university. I was a late enroller and was able to get enrolled with the minimum time possible with the great assistance of Jeremy Williams from Distance Exchange. I still use the notes from Distance X email as a guiding tool through out the semester. I highly recommend Distance X for any new student and continuing student who wishes to enrol or stay connected to any University.

(Talasa Poisina Saaga - Samoa)

I made a late decision this year to pursue postgraduate studies and with the trimester about to start I had to decide quickly on the best university and the right course. After short-listing two universities, I wrote in to both and were given their respective agent contacts. DistanceXchange was much more responsive even thought the other agent had a local office. Jeremy Williams from DistanceXchange helped me tremendously to evaluate the course details, cost and the application process. The turn around was very quick and this was ultimately the deciding factor in my choice. What also impressed me was the post-application follow up after I had already got underway with my studies, the representative. Jeremy continued to help me with right advise and timely connections with the faculty staff on getting my textbooks and assignments started.

(John CY Lynn - Singapore)

As a senior public servant I expected quality and prompt response and services from a university such as Deakin. I got just that and more through the excellent services of DistanceXchange. The turnaround time to my requests, queries and questions was very fast. The responses were very warm, straight forward and to the point, taking into account the individuals cultural values. What impresses me most is the flexibility of Deakin through DistanceXchange to cater for the needs of individual students. Student support is fantastic with the availability of everything a student needs through various means of communication. DistanceXchange has a "win win" culture. To summarize, you guys are good at what you do and I am proud to be part of it.

(Gauna Wong Yee - Samoa)

Distance X change and particularly Jeremy Williams were of immense help when I decided to apply for a correspondence masters degree in Australia. His prompt and accurate service smoothed the way for my application to the foreign university, and he kept on top my file to ensure I made my deadlines. Jeremy also gave me excellent advice when navigating the process of applying to Deakin University and suggested how to work with my employer to fund my degree. In short, I'm exceedingly pleased to have worked with Jeremy Williams who did an excellent job helping me to meet my education goals.

(Georgia E.M. Dryden - Canada)

I have found distancex to be one of the best student enrollment assistance providers I have come across. I had visited many sights with the hopes of finding a learning curriculum that could match my lifestyle and work needs but only through the guidance and help I received from Jeremy from distancex was that made possible. I may not have gotten enrolled in an excellent course at a recognized education institution if I wasn't guided along the right path all the way from handing in my educational details for assessment by the Uni to getting enrolled and started with the course I was aided every step of the way to enrollment and even after he was there for any assistance to chase up lecturers and administrative staff for all my needs whenever I emailed. His replies were prompt and efficient every time and unrelenting in his pursuit to resolve the issues I faced. I have not hesitated in recommending distancex to my friends and family for further studies"

(Jayant Morarji- Fiji)

When deciding to do a distance-learning online degree while working, one of the things that counted towards going for it was the excellent service I received from distanceXchange. Their Student Services Unit showed patience with my many queries, and efficiency with their sound and fast responses about the course and the university. Also, they provided a solid bridge to Deakin University, mediating any issues that came up, always finding a win-win solution; good for the university, and also good for me. Because of all these reasons, the process to getting myself into university was a smooth one, and I would like to thank the distanceXchange team for helping me to make this project a reality!

(Rifet Arapovic - Liberia)

After enquiring about graduate programs at Deakin University, I was contacted by Jeremy at distanceXchange. From his first e-mail I knew that I had a friend to guide me through the maze of university regulations, endless information and bureaucracy that I expected from the start to finish process of finding the right program, acquiring all relevant information and then registering as a distance student with the university. An enquiry addressed to the university would be answered in a 2-3 working days. Jeremy answered my e-mails within hours (sometimes minutes!) of sending them. Trying to get fast, accurate information when you are trying to register at a university on the other side of the world can be a great challenge and source of frustration but my experience of working with distanceXchange, proved to be a fast, smooth process. I simply don't know if I would be studying at Deakin right now if it were not for the incredible assistance and speed of service Jeremy gave me. Due to his intimate knowledge of the programs and the university's organizational system, "glitches" were quickly dealt with, contact with the right people at the right time was easily arranged, and a concise flow of information existed throughout the entire process. Simply put, Jeremy and distanceXchange were an absolutely invaluable part of my successful registration at Deakin University and now I am well on my way to completing my Masters' degree.

(Terry O'Dwyer - Canada)

DistanceXchange has provided me unparalleled services, prompt and details that went beyond my expectations, simply outstanding.

(Zaeem Ahmed - Switzerland)

I find distanceXchange very efficient and professional in what they do. I like their customer-focused service and their efficient handling of all my queries. There was no unanswered question and I was satisfied with the depth of their knowledge of Deakin that it felt like I was dealing with the university directly. Thanks to distanceXchange through Jeremy Williams, I am now fully enrolled and enjoying the course. I have told my colleagues about distanceXchange and referred Jeremy to them in case they are interested to pursue similar mode of studying.

(Gearly Dela Rosa Umayam - Ecuador)

Having done distance education in high school, university and grad school, I knew that communication and organisation were the most important factors to me. I applied to Deakin University and went through the distanceXchange and was highly impressed with the information I received from Jeremy Williams at Student Services. He thoroughly answered all of my questions and often got back to me the same day. In addition, I received information ahead of time, such as fee payment, schedules, and links to important websites. Perhaps best of all, if you go through them, the application process is free! I had a problem regarding my application and distanceXchange helped me solve it and even referred me to a faculty member at Deakin that I could talk to. Now that I have been accepted and started my first semester, I still continue to receive updates and important info from distanceXchange. I highly recommend distanceXchange to anyone who is looking to study via distance education

(Sharon - USA)

The application process was very easy with distanceXchange student services. All my enquiries were answered in a response time that was quick and efficient. All answers to my various questions were given in detail. Additionally, I could count on student services to give me a quick and reliable solution to any technical problem regarding enrolment.

(Nadine Prud'Homme - Canada)

I was incredibly impressed with the service I received from distancexchange. Jeremy went above and beyond to provide me with detailed information regardless of the inquiry. I was able to breeze through the complicated admissions and registration processes with his thoughtful advice. Thanks again for all of your help!

(Lauren Grant - Canada)

I applied to do my Masters from Deakin University, through distanceXchange. I found the whole process very simple and straight forward. My questions were answered quickly and I was guided through the process step by step. Any problems that I encountered during the application were resolved easily. It was very convenient knowing that I had only one contact person to deal with throughout and that he could answer all my questions. I would thoroughly recommend using this company as an overseas applicant to the university.

(Janie Grant - Hong Kong)

Having heard of the services offered by the Deakin University to international students living abroad, I requested some information as to how to apply using the contact information on the Deakin website. Within less than 1 working today I received a friendly and very detailed response as to the specific steps to undertake, as well as what documents needed to be provided. The service provided by distance exchange was excellent, fast and very competent. I was assisted throughout the application process and queries or uncertainties I had, were responded to without delay. I was extremely grateful to my contact who made follow-ups if my documents had not been received to ensure that everything was completed before the deadline. I also requested assistance to apply of credit-transfer for past university courses and work experience. Here as well, I was able to approach distance exchange and receive all the advice and support that I required. Thanks to distance exchange I was successful with all of my applications and I can only recommend the excellent service provided that truely helps overseas students apply and be able to study at Deakin University. Kindest regards

(Sarah Cox - Switzerland)

I was extremely satisfied with the services that you provided during my application for my study unit. Your replies to my email enquiries were very prompt and informative. You definitely did help me solve a lot of my problems during enrolment and you helped me get all the things sorted out very efficiently. I thank you very much for your help during that time. It was very comforting to know that I have someone who can help me with all the arrangments since I am thousands of miles away from Australia! So, a really big thank you for all your hard work and effort. Cheers,

(Lai Fong Cheang - Malaysia)

Thank you very much for helping me to enter off campus Deakin university. I was very confused the first time, don't know who to contact to, but then you give me a five star service and very quick response. Only within 1-2days I already accepted in Deakin. Thanks for your help

(Cecilia Stephanie - Indonesia)

I must confess that it has been honour in just observing the way, Mr. Jeremy Williams handles a request put forward. He is extremely efficient and has always been at ease in providing me with the required inputs in a jiffy. Even for queries or areas outside his professional expertise he is very diligent and efficaciously obtains the right feedback (as required) through constant interactions and follow-ups. I whole-heartedly wish him good luck in all his future endeavours and hereby recommend the services of distance exchange to one and all. Thank you and Best regards,

(Karthik. - Muscat, Sultanate of Oman)

Coming from a service-oriented focus in both my education and professional background, I have developed very high standards of customer service provided by any company. In my experience of applying for and enrolling in an online Master's Degree, I proudly proclaim that my expectations and standards were exceeded by Deakin University. What is quite astonishing and impressive is the fact that I received very personalized and empathic service through a medium that usually constrains personalization and warmth. All correspondence and communication was done through email, from inquiry to application to enrollment. I would like to give special recognition to Jeremy Williams, who most certainly knows how to uphold the highest ideals of excellent customer service. Jeremy addressed all my requests efficiently and expeditiously and although I was replete with questions and requests, Jeremy remained quite equanimous and I felt my concerns automatically became his priority. I remember shifting back and forth between course decisions and semesters and Jeremy patiently addressed my requests and never made me feel that he was being inconvenienced by my indecision. He was always very understanding and very pleasant in his correspondences. Whenever he felt that my questions or issues could be better addressed by another department or person, he immediately referred it to the appropriate party without handing it off completely as he always made sure he was part of the response thread. Jeremy is an asset to the University and is the very reason that I am very happy to have chosen Deakin to pursue my Masters Degree. Blessings,

(Elizabeth M. Abela - Canada)

Tomorrow will be the first day of the trimester 1. It will be a challenging journey for me but glad to take the first step. I would like to express my gratitude for your excellent support since my first enquiry until successful enrollment. A BIG THANK YOU to you!" The above is what I wrote to Jeremy from distanceXchange on 6 March 2011. I am really delighted with the excellent round-the-clock services provided by him. Without his detailed, step-by-step and timely instructions, I would not be able to complete my enrollment on time. Jeremy is very resourceful and I always get his response within the same day. He will also direct my queries to the faculty and even follow up to ensure proper closure. Whenever I need help or advice, he will be the first one that I will approach. This is a fantastic experience that far exceeds my expectation.

(Margaret - Singapore)

I am truly thankful to the distanceXchange for making my enrollment process at the Deakin easy. Since it was my first time doing distance education, I had a lot of questions but they were very patient and prompt in their response. I got guided and reminded at every stage so it was a tension free process for me. When I was not sure about one of the requirements , I was given good advice, which was immensely useful. In fact they answered a couple of my queries after enrollment, which is hugely appreciated.

(Jayshri Titus - Indonesia)

I have much pleasure in writing this short testimonial in respect of the brilliant services that was provided by Jeremy Williams of distanceXchange. I appreciated very much Jeremy's patience and sincerity in assisting me when I was having issues with the courier of my documents over to you. Jeremy's timely response enabled me to ensure that my documents were in for assessment and approval by my faculty before the closing date. The answers provided by Jeremy obtained from my faculty were complete and proper. I have no issues with recommending and referring other international students to the services of distanceXchange.

(Arishma Goundar - Fiji)

I wanted to continue my studies at Deakin through Distance Education. The level of service, help and support the staff gave me in arranging everything to be enrolled was very quick. The staff and how fast they answered my queries also particularly impressed me. I now find that distanceXchange was just the right choice to do my Masters in Education.

(Michelle Melachon - Papua New Guinea)

DistanceX helped me tremendously with getting me on board with my studies again. They were quick in responding to my queries and provided just the right amount of information to answer my questions. You'd be sure to receive a reply from them within 24 hours. :) They also helped me out with my application. Application procedures can be complicated and DistanceX guided me through the application process, detailing exactly what documents were needed, deadlines etc. Right before my classes began, they followed up with me to make sure I have received my course materials already. Lastly, universities can have so many departments that new students can be swamped with all the information. I was one of them. DistanceX was there to help me solve any issues I had. For example, they advised me which email address my email should be sent to etc. When you are embarking on something as new as distance learning, it can be nerve wrecking. You can always count on DistanceX to be there for you and help you before and even during your studies. I want to thank DistanceX for all their assistance

(Debora Tan - Singapore)

I would like to say that I had a lot of help from Jeremy in my application process and getting online at Deakin. Jeremy always got back to me in the quickest time and was helpful and courteous at all times. Jeremy in particular was extremely helpful with problems I personally had as an international student. He put me in touch with the right people straight away. The service Jeremy provided was first class and I thank him for it.

(Stephen James O'Connor - Thailand)

I confirm that I have dealt with DistanceXchange since last year, during which time they have provided me with excellent support making my new adventure as an off-campus student very enjoyable. Their always fast and kind assistance helped me in getting involved in University life and in facing with all contingencies could happen. I felt like having a friend always there, ready to guide and help me with a smile. I can confidently recommend DistanceXchange as a solid and very useful service for all new students.

(Alessandra Marrucci - Italy)

The distanceXchange have been incredible helpful. I was in search of a Masters program that met my needs and distanceXchange was able to find the perfect fit. They provided me with multiple options and choices and were very helpful in every way. I am currently working on my Masters and distanceXchange continues to be a great help and resource. They always answer emails promptly with valuable advice and quick answers to any questions I may have. I would highly recommend distanceXchange for your educational needs.

(Stephen Barrett - Canada)

Jeremy was great help for me to pursuit my dream of becoming an Engineer, despite the different Timing Zone we are in, I am in Oman Jeremy in the States and the University in Australia and Jeremy made it possible. I would send an email to Jeremy and would get replay and feedback in short time. I have enrolled in the University then withdrawn and when the next semester followed I re registered and he took my application seriously and was following up with the contacts there in the University. Even after enrolment Jeremy send me advices how to study since I am being an international Off Campus student. Jeremy, Thank you very much for making it happen.

(Redha Al-matwani Al-lawati - Sultanate of Oman)

First of all, I thank your invitation and I will try my best to give as many comments as possible.

The level of service you received: so far, I totally satisfy with the services that I have received from Deakin enrolment officers, staffs and the unit chair who in-charges of my current postgraduate course. Thanks all!

The speed of response to enquiries: Whenever I pose a question or uncertainty about something, I would receive reply from Deakin in the form of instructional guidance, clarification or feedback immediately. Sometimes, it was as soon as within an hour!

The quality and depth of answers provided: Undeniable to say, I had confused with some information on Deakin website before enrolment for my postgraduate study. However, the clarification from the enrolment officers had led me to deal with everything on path. Therefore, I managed to plan for my study financially and be mentally ready to start learning online.

(Yee Kee Ham - Sabah)

My experience with distanceXchange was one that instilled in me a great deal of confidence in Deakin's programmes at the beginning of the application process. All my questions regarding the process were addressed swiftly and with clarity. This treatment of clients has continued to impress me and I must say interacting with Mr. Jeremy Williams has been a huge part of feeling comfortable with the learning experience at Deakin. He is always available and can be expected to consult with faculty and arrive at solutions arising from the complexities of working from a distance.

(Mercy Wambui - Ethiopia)

I have found members of staff at distanceXchange to be prompt in responding to email queries. I have also found that their communications via email are very clear, precise, and easy to understand and follow. Frankly speaking I think this is where their strength lies. In my case, English is not my mother tongue but the clear, easy to follow instructions have made it possible for me obtain information requested. Well-done Jeremy and your team and keep up the good work!

(Rex Kini - PNG)

The service I received from the distanceXchange was efficient and effective. I was unsure about how to approach my application for the distance learning Masters Degree that I wanted to undertake. Being a British Citizen, living in Vietnam, applying to a University in Australia I definitely needed some support! My representative from the distanceXchange made it very clear to me exactly the information and documentation I needed to supply, helped me make sure it reached the appropriate people and was keen to trouble shoot any issues I encountered. Response to emails was always rapid and solutions were provided to all problems. Correspondence was professional and succinct and where necessary the distanceXchange made direct correspondence with the university on my behalf. The whole process was undertaken much more quickly than I expected and was relatively hassle free. I would definitely recommend this the distanceXchange and would use them again myself should the need arise.

(Alice Pearson - United Kingdom)

I am currently undertaking a Masters in Arts and Entertainment Management at Deakin University via distance learning. As I am overseas, I would have thought that applying for an overseas degree would take up long and tedious procedures. However, distanceXchange eased the whole application process. The representative staff guided me through the whole process by providing be step-by-step guidelines, suggestions, and all detailed information that I needed to know. Further, I was very impressed with the speed of reply of my queries. Basically I would get some sort of response within 12 hours of sending an email to the representative of distanceXchange. It's great service and great people!

(Adriano Jorge - Macau)

The distanceXchange was an invaluable help to me in my application for postgraduate studies at Deakin University. My correspondent, Jeremy, was both prompt and proactive in his responses to my queries and he made a challenging process a breeze. Through him, I was able to get quick replies to all my questions about the course I was interested in, and he even helped me get specific information from university faculty. His excellent work was a big factor in my choice of university for my postgraduate studies!

(Dawn Liu - Singapore)

I have to say that the services Jeremy and distanceXchange have provided have always been timely and extremely helpful. Jeremy demonstrated genuine concern when issues arose and keep checking back until everything was sorted! I would not hesitate to recommend the services of distanceXchange and Jeremy in particular.

(Corleen Gallinger - Canada)

The speed and standard of service I received from the distanceXchange to enrol and study at Deakin University was of the highest standard. They are always there to answer and assist with any queries even after enrolment. I would recommend them to anyone

(Henry Middleton - United Kingdom)

I would like to give special thanks to Distance Xchange in facilitating all the process for me in order to get the exemption for my course and also enroll me in within a short time as i applied quite late. I would highly recommend for any future offcampus to have Service with Distance Xchange as you dont have to worry about the paper work and surely get good advise from this Service.

(Thi Hoai Linh Nguyen - Vietnam)

With the DistanceXchange I was amazed at their level of commitment, professionalism, point-to-point guidance, treating of all requests and concerns of students as their top priority. In no time I was accepted as an online distance student with Deakin University through the guidance and support of DistanceXchange - thank you DistanceXchange for your service and commitment to students needs, you are second to none when it comes Distance education.

(Yogesh Prasad - Fiji)

I had been looking for an appropriate university in which to do my distance education studies and after months of searching I settled for Deakin because through you I was able to receive immediate responses to my queries. I would rate the level of service and speed of responses as exceptional. The most helpful thing for me was that you were constantly reminding me that I had a number of actions to complete e.g. enrolment. With my day job am extremely busy so it was of great help to have you there nudging me along to complete my enrolment. The quality of advice provided by you on behalf of the faculty was also exceptional.

(Linda Griffin - Papua New Guinea)

I live in Fiji and am a full time Legal Practitioner. I always wanted to do my Masters in Law and I looked at a number of options to achieve my goal but nothing seemed to fit all of my requirements. Thanks to a friend of mine, I found out about Deakin University and contacted the DistanceXchange Team. After that there was no looking back!!! The DistanceXchange Team was extremely helpful, and they provided lots of information and helped me to enrol online, which I found very easy and probably most important "no stress". I started my programme in November 2011, and I am enjoying every minute of it. The enrolment and course selection process was straightforward and very quick, no lengthy processes involved. I have had great study support. The DistanceXchange Team has been extremely helpful and approachable. At times you do feel as though you are on your own but the DistanceXchange team is only an e-mail or phone call away to resolve any queries that arise. Their service is excellent and all my e-mails are answered promptly. I am happy to recommend Deakin University through DistanceXchange to everyone having a busy lifestyle, fully time work and family - distance learning is a very different process to learning on campus, but if you have the skills and capabilities to manage this it is ideal.

(Radhika S. Naidu - Fiji)

I made an application to a uni in Sweden before and the application processes was so difficult that I cancelled my application. So when I first email you guys I had kind of concerns and prejudice because of my precious experience with the Swedish Uni. However, in the end I found myself completing my assignments very soon. It was real quick and smooth. The good thing, your support continues even after the uni starts. Thanks you kindly for your support in assisting me to move forward with my education Jeremy.

(Baris Akyuz - Australia)

DistanceX made a potentially overwhelming and confusing process in a foreign country manageable and stress free. I always received extremely prompt and thorough responses to my questions and was impressed with the quality of service. What a relief to feel looked after in unfamiliar territory.

(Kelly Ozuna - Australia)

I always had an ambition to gain an in-depth knowledge of legal concepts that underpinned business and commercial transactions through education from a reputed educational institution. However, being a full time employee of a large UAE bank and with very little time to spare for other activities, I never thought this could even be possible. This is when I came across DistanceXchange website. Subsequently, within no time I was contacted by a dedicated service representative and I was already receiving personal attention and excellent level of counselling. DistanceXchange not only helped me find a reputed university to transform my dream into reality but also consistently assisted me throughout the admission process until I was fully confident and satisfied. I am truly grateful to distanceXchange for their help and support.

(Yahya Jeelani - United Arab Emirates)

Jeremy was a great help to me while enrolling for Deakin University Online. No matter what question I had, he had the answer, or directed me directly to the person who could answer me. He was patient, kind, and gently help guide me through the registration, and acceptance process, which is a huge bonus, especially coming from the other side of the globe, and moving between countries. Thanks again for all your help.

(Stephanie Lee - Canada)