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about us 

Established in January 2001, the distanceXchange is an Official Representative for each of our University partners.

We offer preliminary student academic counselling as well as facilitating course application and enrolment.

We work with Universities who specialise in the delivery of distance learning & online programs, choosing only world leaders with demonstrated expertise and experience in successfully satisfying the educational demands of distance learning students.

Our service is FREE. It is the University that remunerates us for services offered to its enrolling students.

We do NOT collect course fees. All payments are made directly to the University.

our goal 

We will provide you with an exemplary level of personal attention, advice and assistance.

A number of our clients support this achievement with their testimonials.

what we do 

Firstly, we work with potential distance learning students in a consultative capacity through assisting you with appropriate course and subject selection.

Secondly, to discuss with you any concerns or unanswered questions that you may have and to then provide you with all the additional information that you may need in reaching a considered decision.

Thirdly, to offer you assistance in the process of assembling the documentation necessary to successfully tender your application.

Fourthly, as the Universities process thousands of applications each semester, we ensure that yours continues to receive prompt and timely attention.

And because we manage the enquiry-application-enrollment process from beginning to end, you are assured that your application will "not fall through the cracks".

We will keep you advised of the ongoing status of your application.

And finally, we are also here to provide you with an immediate point of contact for any and all questions you may have. We are in direct communication with the faculty, admissions and finance offices. Answers will therefore be expedient.

who we are 

The company management has worked for a number of years with institutions that specifically cater to the unique educational requirements of distance learning students.

We bring together professional management, Internet marketing and technology experts, with extensive experience in identifying and promoting quality higher education, distance learning & online courses.