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Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainability Science PCSS

Program focus

Modern environment and natural resource management requires
the integration of social, environmental and economic research within
an interdisciplinary planning and policy framework. It also requires
a capacity to handle complexity and uncertainty and the application
of different methods of analysis and different approaches to governance
and community engagement. This postgraduate program addresses these
needs by providing environmental and resource managers and other professionals
with core studies to enhance their skills and knowledge in the emerging
discipline of sustainability science.

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available


1 year part-time

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Program aims

This program aims to provide professionals in environmental
and resource management and related fields, with appropriate formal
instruction to enhance their skills and knowledge in the emerging
discipline of sustainability science.

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Program objectives

On completion of the program graduates will be able to:

  • understand the principles and approaches of sustainability

  • integrate the scientific foundations for sustainable development
    through environmental, social and economic disciplines

  • critically analyse multi-disciplinary information and data to
    provide informed decision-making in relation to resource management

  • critically assess the emerging approaches to policy development
    and institutional arrangements to support sustainability

  • identify and apply effective methods of community engagement

  • manage complex decision-making in the face of risk and uncertainty.

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Program structure

The Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainability Science program
contains four compulsory Level 8 courses of one unit each. With the
approval of the Program Coordinator, students may apply to vary their
program on the basis of prior study.

To qualify for the award of Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainability
Science, a candidate must complete the following Level 8 courses within
three years of first admission to the program: REN8101 Environment, Society and Sustainability POL8013 Environmental Politics and Policy REN8202 Conservation for Sustainable Futures and ECO8012 Tools and Techniques for Sustainable Development.

The Program Coordinator's approval must be obtained before any
courses not listed above may be credited towards the program.

Copyright University of Southern Queensland

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