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Master of Public Relations MPRL

Program focus

The focus of this program is on strategic-level public relations.
The courses are designed to provide a blend of theoretical understanding
and professional application, in addressing public relations specialisations
that contribute to this strategic approach, such as crisis management,
community consultation, financial communication and organisational

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available


3 semesters full-time, 6 semesters part-time

Professional accreditation

Accreditation with PRIA is pending.

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Program aims

The Master of Public Relations degree aims to prepare students

  • demonstrate an informed and rational understanding of salient
    contemporary issues in corporate communication

  • pursue a scholarly and informed study, to a publishable
    standard, of the relevance of corporate communication to aspects of
    organisational communication including strategic planning, risk management
    and management behaviour

  • employ public relations communication theory to design and
    implement field research in a range of contemporary issues and problems
    in all aspects of corporate communication

  • select and apply appropriate and professionally sound communication
    principles into the design and practice of corporate communication

  • provide best practices in planning and organisation to corporate
    public relations.

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Program objectives

On successful completion of the Master of Public Relations degree
students should be able to:

  • display an informed awareness of the central role of the
    agencies, technical discourses and production processes of corporate
    communication in societal and political contexts

  • apply communication and public relations theory to publishable
    analyses of organisational communication practices

  • make appropriate and ethically justified applications of research
    methodology to the study and investigation of public relations practices

  • initiate, plan and execute campaign and program tasks to a high
    professional level in a selected area of organisational communication.

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Program structure

The Master of Public Relations is an eight course program offered
by external study and web (WEB) modes only. (For those already
working in the field of public relations, introductory courses may
be substituted with other external study courses offered at USQ. This
program may be studied in full-time mode (2 - 3 semesters), or part-time
mode (recommended 6 semesters).

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Exit points

Normally all applicants for the Master of Public Relations enrol
initially into the Masters program but may elect to exit with the
Graduate Certificate in Public Relations program. The Graduate Certificate
program requires the study of four courses that provide practical
elements required by the specialist public relations practitioner.

Copyright University of Southern Queensland

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