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Master of Professional Studies MPRS

Program focus

The Master of Professional Studies is designed to enable professionals
to engage in the highest form of authentic learning: to study as they
engage in real world, real time activity and to combine their work
and study in ways that lead to benefits for both the individual and
the organisation.

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available


1.5 years full-time, 3 years part-time

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Program aims

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Program objectives

Successful completion of the program will enable graduates to:

  • demonstrate analytical, critical and creative thinking in workplace

  • postulate directions for investigation of unsolved problems
    in their workplace

  • undertake and write reports on projects relating to their workplace
    in a professional manner

  • demonstrate a high level of skill in identifying, choosing and
    implementing procedures appropriate for addressing hypotheses

  • demonstrate an awareness of the limitations of their projects
    and manage these limitations

  • demonstrate a high level of skill in assessing and addressing
    ethical/confidential concerns in their study and related work activity

  • report the results of their projects concerning changes to their
    workplace in a manner appropriate to their audience

  • develop a workplace-based learning plan that integrates theory
    and practice.

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Program structure

The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) program is an 8 unit
program consisting of a core of:

  • WBL8000 Workplace-based Portfolio (1

  • WBL8001 Workplace-based Learning Plan (1

  • WBL8002 Workplace-based Complementary (1

and five workplace-based project units from:

  • WBL8010 Workplace-based Project (1 unit)

  • WBL8020 Workplace-based Project (2 units)

  • WBL8030 Workplace-based Project (3 units)

The Learning Plan must be approved by the Program Coordinator
before students may enrol in any other courses. Modifications may
be made to the original plan if this is deemed necessary by the students'
USQ advisor but must be re-approved.

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Exit points

The exit point for students who do not complete the requirements
of the Master of Professional Studies is the Postgraduate Certificate
in Professional Studies (PGradCertProfSt). Students will be eligible
for this award if, whilst enrolled in the Master of Professional Studies,
they have completed at least 4 units including WBL8000, WBL8001 and
two other units from the WBL courses in the students' approved
Learning Plan.

Copyright University of Southern Queensland

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