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Master of Professional Accounting MP12

Program focus

The Master of Professional Accounting is offered in order to
cater for the strong demand of non-accounting degree holders to acquire
professional accounting qualifications.

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available


1.5 2 years full-time, up to 6 years part-time

Professional accreditation

Graduates of this program will meet the educational entrance
requirements of CPA Australia and The Institute of Chartered
Accountants in Australia (ICAA). This provides Associate membership
of CPA Australia, eligibility to study the CPA professional exams
and eligibility to study the ICAA professional exams.

We recommend that graduates in Accounting from an overseas university
obtain a qualifications assessment from CPA Australia before applying
for admission. In many cases, such graduates may be required to complete
only 3 - 4 courses to achieve Associate membership. These can be studied
through a Graduate Certificate in Business.

Local recognition (for overseas students):

For overseas candidates seeking membership of their home accounting
bodies, full members of CPA Australia and/or ICAA are usually offered
reciprocal membership. This is a fast track to become a qualified
accountant in one's home country.

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Program aims

The Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) will enable non-accounting
university graduates and other approved applicants the opportunity
to acquire an accounting qualification recognised by the Australian
accounting professional bodies. The program comprises 12 courses.

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Program objectives

Successful completion of the Master of Professional Accounting
should enable graduates to:

  • prepare and analyse financial and management accounting reports

  • audit financial records and statements and produce audit reports

  • prepare taxation returns and advise clients on taxation issues

  • comprehend and apply accounting theory to current accounting
    developments and problems

  • understand and apply the principles of business finance and
    investment evaluation

  • comprehend the legal framework within which businesses operate
    and apply this knowledge in addressing commercial legal problems.

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Program structure

Course Semester/mode of offer Toowoomba campus Semester/mode of offer Springfield campus
ACC5202 Accounting S1 (ONC, EXT, WEB), S2 (ONC, EXT, WEB), S3 S1
ACC5213 Cost and Management Accounting S1, S2 (ONC, EXT, WEB) S2
ACC5215 Corporate Accounting S1 (ONC, EXT, WEB), S2 (EXT, WEB), S3 S1
ACC5216 Accounting Theory S1 (ONC, EXT, WEB), S2 (ONC, EXT, WEB), S3 S1
ACC5218 Auditing Practice S1 (ONC, EXT, WEB), S2 (EXT, WEB), S3 S1
CIS8000 Global Information Systems Strategy S1, S2 S1
ECO5000 Economics for Managers S2 (ONC, EXT, WEB), S3 (EXT, WEB) S2
FIN5000 Financial Management S1 (ONC, EXT, WEB), S3 (ONC, EXT, WEB) S1
FIN5003 Decision Support Tools (Formerly
S1 (ONC, EXT, WEB), S3 (EXT, WEB) S1
LAW5201 Commercial Law S1 (ONC, EXT, WEB), S2, S3 S2
LAW5206 Corporations Law S2 (ONC, EXT, WEB), S3 S2, S3
LAW5230 Taxation Law S1 (ONC, EXT, WEB), S2 (ONC, EXT, WEB), S3 (EXT, WEB) S1

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Exit points

A student who chooses not to complete or who does not maintain
good standing in this program will be permitted to exit with a lesser
qualification as set out below, provided they have met the requirements
of that program.

  • A student who successfully completes 8 Master of Professional
    Accounting courses may, upon application, exit with a Graduate Diploma of Business.

  • A student who successfully completes any 4 courses for the Postgraduate Certificate in Business may, upon application, exit with that

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