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Master of Mental Health Nursing MMHN

Program focus

Upon successful completion of this program, registered nurses
will have the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to practise
as specialist mental health nurses in primary, secondary and tertiary

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available


24 years part-time maximum

Professional accreditation

This program prepares nurses to practise as Mental Health Nurses
and enables them to work as clinically skilled members of mental health
teams in developing and established services. .

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Program aims

The aims of this course are to enable the graduate to:

  • generate and apply knowledge about the biological, psychological,
    social, cultural and spiritual aspects of the human experience of
    health and illness

  • work towards empowering individuals, groups and communities
    to achieve, maintain and restore optimal health

  • gain advanced knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to practice
    as a specialist mental health nurse in primary, secondary and tertiary

  • develop an awareness of the implications for mental health care
    of the cultural and linguistic diversity of Australian society and
    gain the knowledge and skills required to provide culturally appropriate
    care to individuals and groups

  • gain advanced knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to contribute
    to the attainment of the national and state goals for mental health
    in keeping with the strategic directions of the Health Department

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Program objectives

The program objectives incorporate the ideals of the Australian
College of Mental Health Nurses and the Department of Nursing and
Midwifery. Successful completion of the program will enable graduates

  • provide primary, secondary and tertiary interventions using
    a variety of treatment modalities to promote the health and wellness
    of individuals, families and communities

  • practise within accepted legal and ethical frameworks

  • critically analyse information relevant to their profession
    i.e. clinical data, government policy, research findings, and apply
    this knowledge to their practise area

  • develop a professional identity including independence, interdependence,
    authority and partnership and contribute to the ongoing development
    of the mental health nursing and mental health care.

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Program structure

The program consists of eight courses each worth one unit with
four focusing specifically on mental health nursing. In the remaining
four courses the focus of the assessment will be on mental health

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