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Master of Engineering Technology METC

Program focus

This program is appropriate for those students who wish to extend
their knowledge of a specific area of engineering. The Masters program
also includes provision for students to evaluate information critically,
and to select and apply an appropriate methodology to a particular
research problem.

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available


3 semesters full-time or 6 semesters part-time
or by distance education

Professional accreditation

The Master of Engineering Technology is not accredited
by any professional bodies other than the University of Southern Queensland.

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Program objectives

Students who successfully complete the program will be able
to demonstrate:

  • a knowledge of a general discipline area of engineering at an
    advanced level

  • a good standard of written and verbal English language communication

  • a knowledge of the professional journals and other information
    sources relevant to the specialised area of engineering

  • an ability to evaluate research reports and to plan a research
    project and either

  • a capacity for investigation, evaluation and synthesis within
    an engineering context, or

  • a knowledge of fundamental technology management issues.

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Program structure

The Master of Engineering Technology consists of 12 units of
study as indicated in the following recommended enrolment patterns
for each major study area. For their first time, students studying
full-time on-campus will enrol in four courses from Schedule A and
Schedule B of the Recommended Enrolment Pattern of their chosen major.
The four courses should include ENG8001 Engineering and Surveying Research Methodology.

On successful completion of four courses including ENG8001, students may choose
either the Engineering Technology Studies Path or the Project and
Dissertation Path. The Project and Dissertation Path will normally
be available only to students that achieve a GPA of at least 5.0 across
their previous courses. Full-time on-campus students taking the Project
and Dissertation will normally enrol to do their project in their
third term of study. In exceptional circumstances, the Program Co-ordinator
may grant permission to take the project in the second term.

Students studying part-time externally will follow an equivalent
program extended over six terms. Students must complete the part-time
external program within a maximum period of 12 terms.

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Exit points

Students who, for whatever reason, are unable to complete the
Master of Engineering Technology and who satisfy all of the requirements
of the Graduate Diploma of Engineering Technology , (refer back to
the 2008 USQ Handbook) may be permitted to exit with that award.

Copyright University of Southern Queensland

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