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Graduate Diploma of Mathematics GDMA

Program focus

This program gives graduates from a non-mathematical area the
opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in areas of mathematics that
are relevant to their professional or industrial careers.

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available


1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

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Program aims

The program aims to provide an opportunity for graduates in
programs other than Mathematics to gain skills in key areas of mathematics
that relate to the needs of their profession or industry.

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Program objectives

Successful completion of the program will enable graduates to:

  • acquire specific knowledge and skills in mathematics which are
    relevant to their disciplines and careers

  • become better problem solvers and innovative thinkers and thus
    be able to contribute at a higher level to their professional environment

  • understand the meaning and basis of fundamental mathematical
    ideas and techniques

  • demonstrate the ability to model real-life scenarios in order
    to enable mathematical analysis

  • demonstrate the ability to apply mathematics to the solution
    of problems in a variety of situations.

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Program structure

The program consists of eight units of study. The courses studied
will depend on the student's background in mathematics but at least
five will be courses from the Mathematics and Statistics major of
the Bachelor of Science.

Students must complete any eight courses from the following
table, provided that at least two Level 3 courses are completed and
at least five courses are from the Mathematics and Statistics major
of the Bachelor of Science.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 (at least two courses from this column:)
MAT1100 Foundation Mathematics CSC2401 Algorithms and Data Structures
MAT1101 Discrete Mathematics for Computing MAT2409 High Performance Numerical Computing^
MAT1102 Algebra and Calculus I^ or MAT1502 Engineering Mathematics 2
MAT2100 Algebra and Calculus II^ or MAT2500 Engineering Mathematics 3
MAT3105 Harmony of Partial Differential Equations#^
MAT1200 Operations Research 1^ STA2300 Data Analysis MAT3103 Mathematical Modelling and Dynamical Systems#^
CSC1401 Foundation Programming STA2301 Distribution Theory^ MAT3104 Mathematical Modelling
in Financial Economics*^
MAC1901 Mathematics for Teachers
STA2302 Statistical Inference^ MAT3201 Operations Research 2*^
CSC2402 Object-Oriented Programming in C++
STA3300 Experimental Design^
STA3301 Statistical Models^

^This course is
part of the Mathematics and Statistics major of the Bachelor of Science.
#Available in even-numbered
years (e.g. 2012, 2014).
*Available in odd-numbered
years (e.g. 2013).

Copyright University of Southern Queensland

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