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Graduate Diploma of Information Technology Faculty of Sciences GDTI

Program focus

The Graduate Diploma of Information Technology provides professional
qualifications in computing for graduates from disciplines other than
computing or information systems.

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available


1 year full-time, 3 years part-time

Professional accreditation

This program is accredited at Associate level by the Australian Computer Society and,
through the Seoul Accord, is recognised in other countries.

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Program aims

The Graduate Diploma of Information Technology will provide
additional professional qualifications in computing for graduates
from disciplines other than Computing. It is a vocationally and academically
oriented program emphasising the resolution of technological problems
leading to the effective management and analysis of information in
both private and public sectors. Graduates should have a strong understanding
of relevant major academic disciplines and possess knowledge and skills
in problem resolution that will enable them to work effectively in
their chosen area or specialisation.

Achievement of the objectives of the student's area of specialisation
will result in a graduate of high academic standard who is capable
of competing for employment in a chosen professional area and pursuing
career development in that or other related areas.

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Program objectives

The objectives of the Graduate Diploma of Information Technology
are to enable graduates to:

  • work as a professional in the Information Technology industry

  • acquire specific knowledge and skills in information technology
    which are relevant to their disciplines and careers

  • become better problem-solvers and innovative thinkers, who are
    able to learn new skills independently and efficiently and consequently
    to succeed in a competitive professional environment

  • identify information needs appropriate to their area of specialisation,
    and apply the techniques required to gather and interpret such information

  • demonstrate skills in the analysis and determination of technological
    issues at management level

  • identify, analyse and solve problems in one or more areas of
    technology by selecting and using either quantitative or qualitative
    techniques appropriate to the resolution of technological problems

  • satisfy academic admission requirements for membership of relevant
    professional bodies

  • understand and act within the ethics of their profession and
    the need for a commitment to that profession.

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Program structure

The Graduate Diploma consists of eight courses each of one unit.
The following four compulsory courses must be completed:

CIS1000 Information Systems Concepts

CSC1401 Foundation Programming

CSC2407 Introduction to Software Engineering

MAT1101 Discrete Mathematics for Computing

The remaining four courses must be chosen from the following
list. At least two courses must be from Level Three.

Enrolment requirements should be taken as a guide to the assumed
knowledge required for the course. It is the student's responsibility
to ensure that they have the assumed knowledge for a course before
enrolling in that course.

Course ONC EXT
CSC2401 Algorithms and Data Structures 2 2
CSC2402 Object-Oriented Programming in C++ 1 1
CSC2404 Operating Systems 2 2
CSC2406 Web Technology 2 2
CSC2408 Software Development Tools 1, 2 1, 2
MAT2409 High Performance Numerical Computing 1 1
CSC3400 Database Systems 1 1
CSC3403 Comparative Programming Languages 1 1
CSC3407 Network Fundamentals and Routing 1 1
CSC3412 System and Security Administration 1 1
CSC3413 Network Design and Analysis 2 2
CSC3419 XML and the Web 2 2
CSC3420 Mobile Internet Technology 1 1
CSC3427 Switching, Wireless and WAN Technologies 2 2

Copyright University of Southern Queensland

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