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Graduate Certificate in Climate Adaptation GCCA

Program focus

The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge,
skills and capabilities to respond by working within their professions
to the challenges and opportunities that arise from global and regional
climate changes. This includes a thorough appreciation of the impact
of climatic changes and variability on natural and human systems such
as the build environment, agricultural production systems, regional,
national, and global economies. Adapting and mitigating to the impacts
of climatic changes and variability is one of the most important and
complex issues society is dealing with. It requires the skills and
raises awareness of the importance to work across a range of professional
disciplines and communicates an understanding of how scientific knowledge
integrates with diverse socio-economic and political systems in order
to achieve sustainable economic prosperity. This program allows students
to enrol in natural resource management courses offered by the Australian
National University via cross-institutional enrolment.

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available


1 year part-time

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Program objectives

On completion of the award, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate an in-depth understanding of global climatic and
    environmental changes

  • describe the functioning of the global climate system

  • apply the principles of climate adaptation across a range of

  • assess the risks of climatic changes and climate variability

  • evaluate opportunities that may arise from climate change and

  • provide scientific literature reports

  • express and communicate scientific knowledge and concepts across
    a range of professions

  • display a thorough understanding of the impact of climate change
    and variability upon natural and human systems

  • contribute within their profession to sustainable natural resource
    management and sustained economic growth.

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Program structure

The program requires the completion of four of the listed courses.
All courses are available in external mode and the mandatory core
course for all students to complete within the GCCA Graduate Certificate in Climate Adaptation is CLI3302. At least two of the other courses need
to come from USQ which are the climate change and adaptation courses
listed below. A fourth course can be selected from (b) or (c) with
a natural resource management sustainability focus from either ANU
via cross-institutional enrolment or alternatively from USQ.

(a) Mandatory Core Course
CLI3302 Adaptation to Climate Change
(b) Climate Change and Adaptation Courses
CLI1110 Weather and Climate
CLI2201 Climate Change and Variability
CLI3301 Climate & Environment Risk Assessment
CLI8204 Global Environmental Systems
CLI8205 Climate and Sustainability
(c) Natural Resource Management and Sustainability Courses
REN3301 Biodiversity and Conservation
REN3302 Sustainable Resource Use

Students are required to contact the program coordinator for
further advice if students wish to enrol in ANU courses via cross-institutional
enrolment. Available courses from ANU include ENVS1001 Resources,
Environment and Society: Geography and Sustainability and ENVS3028
Environmental Policy and Planning.

Copyright University of Southern Queensland

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