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Doctor of Education DEDU

Program focus

This program is a professional and research doctorate directed
at helping students to acquire and practise research knowledge and
skills as they design, conduct and report doctoral level research
about current and real world questions and topics. In doing so, the
program provides students with maximum support and training to collect
and analyse data and create new knowledge and understanding, and also
to pursue new career opportunities.

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available


3 years full-time and up to 6 years part-time

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Program aims

The aim of this program is to provide experienced professionals
in education, training and development with doctoral level coursework
and research opportunities that will engage educational issues that
are relevant and meaningful to them, help to sustain their communities
and help to fulfil their lives.

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Program structure

The Doctor of Education is a 24-unit program. The program
structure comprises three sections.

Coursework: 6 units
Optionally elective postgraduate courses: maximum of 2 units
Dissertation/Folio thesis courses: 16 18 units

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Core courses

The core courses in the Doctor of Education program are:

  • EDU8601 Advanced Studies in Professional Practice (2 units)

  • EDU8602 Advanced Studies in Specialisation (2 units)

  • EDR8000 Foundations of Contemporary Educational Research Methods
    (1 unit)

  • EDR8001 Effective and Ethical Educational Research (1 unit)

  • An externally examined research dissertation or folio (16 units
    if students also take two 1-unit electives 18 units if students take
    no electives).

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Major studies

Specialisations cover a wide range of areas and, depending upon
the availability of research supervision, and are listed on the Faculty
of Education, Research homepage http://www.usq.edu.au/education/research/default.htm:

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Elective courses

Students have the option of including in their Doctor of Education
program two 1-unit electives, normally at postgraduate level, from
the Faculty of Education or another faculty at the University of Southern
Queensland or another recognised university. The intention of this
option, based on a student design curriculum focus, is to give students
the opportunity to customise their doctoral learning journey by completing
courses that enhance their methodological knowledge and that add value
to their dissertation/folio. Normally students will need to receive
the prior approval of the program coordinator before enrolling in
the elective courses.

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Exit points

Students who complete the coursework component of the Doctor
of Education program and who are not able to complete the research
component of the program will be able to transfer up to 8 credit points
to an appropriate postgraduate qualification in the Faculty of Education
at the University of Southern Queensland (see the programs listed
under articulation).

Copyright University of Southern Queensland

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