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Bachelor of Technology Wine BTWN

Program focus

This program develops knowledge and skills in winemaking, wine
science, viticulture, wine business and wine appraisal. Students can
complete their studies full-time, or part-time while working in the
wine industry. Courses cover key theoretical concepts and provide
intensive, industry-focused practical experience. Unique features
of this program include integrated studies in wine business and weather,
climate and climate change as well as intensive, integrated practical
and industry experience.

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available


3 years full-time 6 years part-time

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Program aims

The Bachelor of Technology (Wine) aims to develop knowledge
and skills in wine making, wine science, viticulture, wine business
and wine appraisal. Graduates will have a knowledge base and skills
that will fit them for a career in vineyards, wineries, production
management, wine marketing, quality control, research and development
in the wine, brewing and food processing industries. Its aim is to
provide graduates with an excellent technical understanding of wine
making through provision of a relevant and coherent body of knowledge
on wine production and wine science a scientific base that allows
the underlying principles and concepts to be understood, and industry-relevant

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Program objectives

Upon completion, graduates from the Bachelor of Technology (Wine)
program will have the following knowledge and skills:


  • a firm science foundation that provides the principles and concepts
    required to understand grape and wine production

  • an understanding of the wine production process for all major
    wine types, including how wine production is influenced by demands
    of cost, quality and throughput

  • awareness of how scientific principles in the fields of biology,
    biochemistry, chemistry, and microbiology influence technical aspects
    of wine production

  • an understanding at a biochemical and physiological level of
    how viticultural management influences grape quality

  • an understanding of wine business management principles and
    wine marketing

  • awareness of factors that have shaped the Australian and global
    wine industries and their current directions of development

  • an understanding of sensory evaluation of wines and wine judging


  • ability to inter-relate scientific concepts and principles to
    production processes so that production problems are quickly identified
    and new production situations and demands are successfully handled

  • the practical skills to manage a winery or a vineyard

  • sensory evaluation skills that permit identification of winemaking
    problems, rapid detection of faults, and reliable assessment of wine
    quality and characteristics

  • ability to understand and participate in wine judging processes

  • ability to understand, and communicate effectively with technical
    vineyard and winery staff

  • ability to apply principles of business management and marketing
    of wines.

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Program structure

To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Technology (Wine), a
candidate must complete or be exempted from courses with a total value
of at least 24 units, according to the following recommended enrolment

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