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Bachelor of Science Honours BSCH

Program focus

The Bachelor of Science (Honours) gives students the opportunity
to extend their knowledge and skills in a specific discipline area
that interests them. Students conduct and report on a research project
under the supervision of a staff member with the appropriate expertise.
The program gives students an appreciation of the professional standards
required of the practising scientist, and the ethical challenges presented
by modern science and technology. Students participate in research
teams, are introduced to advanced experimental and literature research
methods and have opportunities to make contact with the wider scientific
community in the local region, elsewhere in Australia and overseas.
Majors are available in:

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available


This program must be completed within two years
of first enrolling.

Professional accreditation

The Bachelor of Science (Honours) program Psychology Major, is available in both on-campus and external mode, and is fully
accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC)
as a fourth-year program in psychology.

As a graduate of the Bachelor of Science (Honours) program,
students will be eligible to apply for provisional registration as
a psychologist with the Psychologists Board of Australia. However,
there is a requirement to complete a further two years of supervised
practice or an approved Masters program after initial registration.
Graduates are also eligible to apply to the Australian Psychological
Society for Associate Membership. If graduates achieve a high level
of Honours (either First Class or Second Class, Division A), they
would be eligible to apply for a Masters program or PhD at USQ and
other universities.

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Program objectives

Upon completion of the Honours program, graduates will be able

  • demonstrate high levels of proficiency in research and specific
    methodology including research planning and implementation, analysis,
    interpretation and evaluation of research results, and the presentation
    and communication of research findings

  • demonstrate awareness of a wide range of research methods and
    the ethical and social responsibilities of a practising scientist

  • apply the skills gained in the program to their specialist area
    with a high degree of proficiency

  • undertake research-oriented careers or progress to higher level
    studies in their chosen specialist area

  • meet the academic requirements for membership of professional
    societies or registration boards as practising discipline specialists

  • proceed to PhD study subject to competitive evaluation of qualifications.

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Program structure

The Honours program consists of eight units of study including
project courses and specialised courses. The program has six majors
- Applied Mathematics/Statistics, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry,
Climatology and Physics. The structure of the majors is given in the
following table:

Structural Element (by units)
Major Project Course Specialised Courses Total
Applied Mathematics/Statistics 4 4 8
Biology Chemistry Climatology Physics 6 2 8
Psychology 3 5 8

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science (Honours) will
be given further information about project selection with their offers.

The project courses give students appropriate opportunity for
research and scientific investigation of a topic within the area of
the major study.

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Major studies

On enrolment, each student must choose one of the majors Applied
Mathematics/Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Climatology, Physics or

Copyright University of Southern Queensland

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