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Bachelor of General Studies BGEN

Program focus

The Bachelor of General Studies has been created for students
who want to profit from a wide choice of study areas. Such programs
should appeal to those who have left school but who want to sample
a range of university subjects before embarking on a more specialised
degree program. The program offers substantial choice and flexibility,
allowing entry to a wide range of career and study options, including
transfer to other degree programs. Students study courses chosen from
a mix of the following discipline categories: Humanities, Social Science,
Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Environment and Sustainability,
Business/Commerce, Engineering and Spatial Sciences.

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available


3 years full-time, 6 years part-time

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Program aims

The Bachelor of General Studies aims to:

  • provide a qualification of high academic standard based on a
    structured selection of disciplines from across the University

  • provide a qualification which meets the advanced educational
    needs of a variety of paraprofessional services

  • provide a qualification that meets the entry requirements for
    admission to a range of appropriate and relevant postgraduate diploma

  • produce graduates with a broad background of general studies
    who are able to function effectively in a variety of public and private
    sector work environments.

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Program structure

The maximum time for completion of the program is nine years.

Students are required to complete 24 units as follows:

  • All students must take the core course CMS1000 Communication and Scholarship or equivalent in
    their first semester of study.

  • All Springfield students must take the core course CMS1009 Communication in Academic and Professional Contexts.

The following electives are acceptable for the second and third
core courses:

  • ANT1000 World Archaeology: An Introduction

  • ANT1001 Introductory Anthropology

  • CMS1010 Introduction to Communication Studies

  • CMS2017 Australian Television

  • EDC2200 Indigenous Perspectives

  • ENL1000 Introduction to Literature

  • ENL1001 Australian Stories

  • HIS1000 World Civilisations to 1500 CE

  • HIS1001 Introduction to Australian History

  • HIS1003 World History Since 1500CE

  • HMT1000 History of Western Ideas

  • HMT2000 Ethical Issues and Human Rights (students cannot study both HMT2000 and CDS2000 within the one

  • IND1000 Indonesian 1A

  • INR1000 International Relations in a Globalizing Era

  • INR1001 Global Transitions and Human Security

  • JRN1000 Journalism Practice

  • JRN2010 News Literacy

  • LAC1001 Language Survival Skills

  • MMS1003 Fundamentals of Media

  • MEA1000 Elements of Multimedia

  • MUI1003 Turning Points in Western Music

  • MUI2006 Introduction to Popular Music

  • PRL1002 Principles and Practice of Public Relations

  • PRL1003 Reputation Management

  • SOC1000 Approaches to the Social Sciences

  • THE1001 Introduction to History and Theory of Drama 1

  • VSA1000 Introduction to Art Theory

  • at least six and not more than eight units chosen from a major/discipline
    in any category* with at least two units
    being at third year level**

  • three units in a major/discipline selected from a second category*

  • three units in a major/discipline selected from a third category*

  • three units in a major/discipline selected from any categories* including a category previously selected

  • four to six units of electives which may be selected from any
    major/discipline in any category* including categories/majors/disciplines
    previously selected.

  • three core units of which two must be selected from the arts
    core above.

  • disciplines two and three can be combined from the same major/discipline
    as long as the Bachelor of General Studies is being used as an exit
    point only.

*Categories with relevant majors/disciplines are
tabled below
**A third year level course is one that builds on
studies in first year level and continues through second year level

To assist students with their enrolment, the following table
is provided:

Courses Details
Core courses CMS1000 Communication and Scholarship
or CMS1009 Communication in Academic and Professional Contexts(Springfield
only) plus
2 core Arts electives from the list above
Discipline 1 Choose 6 to 8 units
Discipline 2 Choose 3 units
Discipline 3 Choose 3 units
Discipline 4 Choose 3 units
Elective Courses Choose 4 to 6 units

The following sites will also be of assistance when choosing

  • Completion requirements

  • The USQ Handbook

  • http://www.usq.edu.au/currentstudents/forms

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Exit points

Students may exit with the Associate Degree of General Studies
if they have completed 16 courses.

Copyright University of Southern Queensland

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