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Bachelor of Creative Arts Honours BCAH

Program focus

The Bachelor of Creative Arts Honours provides an advanced-level
program of study. Students can elect to specialise in the disciplines
of Music, Theatre or Visual Arts, or to pursue an interdisciplinary
hybrid creative arts project in consultation with the Honours Program
Co-Ordinator. The Honours Program involves students in an intellectual
engagement with both theoretical and practical aspects of their chosen

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available


1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

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Program aims

The program aims to produce graduates who have advanced specific
discipline knowledge and skills. Students will acquire the ability
to research independently, apply theory and develop academic expertise
in their chosen fields. The Program will extend students' appreciation
of the cultural contributions offered by the creative arts to local
and regional communities and Australian. In addition to these generic
aims, each discipline within the Program has specific aims:

  • Music: The program aims to produce graduates who have specialised
    and advanced training in the areas of music performance. They will
    also have the intellectual and practical skills necessary to apply
    knowledge in further study, research, employment, and community service.

  • Theatre: The program aims to produce graduates who will have
    an advanced understanding of the nature and impact of drama and theatre
    in human society who will be proficient in critical analysis and problem
    solving relating to the theory and performance of dramatic texts and
    to the intersection between theory and practice.

  • Visual Arts: The program aims to produce graduates who have
    an advanced understanding of visual arts theory and practice. They
    will be able to articulate and sustain a sophisticated analysis in
    relation to a range of issues involving the relation of the arts and
    society both historically and in contemporary times.

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Program objectives

On successful completion of the program, students should be
able to demonstrate:

  • a high level of discipline-based skills and knowledge that extends
    the students' undergraduate achievement

  • a discriminating application of methods, concepts, techniques
    and theories in the creative arts

  • an advanced knowledge of the historical, ideological, critical,
    and ethical perspectives in the creative arts, in both traditional
    and contemporary cultural and social contexts

  • a proficiency in the conduct of independently designed research

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Program structure

The Bachelor of Creative Arts Honours consists of 6 courses
(comprising 8 unit units) in the areas of Music, Theatre and Visual
Arts). The program can be undertaken full-time in one academic year,
or part-time over two years. Part-time enrolment will normally be
course-work in Year One, and dissertation project in Year Two. The
BCA Honours involves 4 generic Faculty of Arts courses, and 2 specialised
courses in each of the creative arts disciplines.

Please refer to the Recommended Enrolment patterns for further
details on offerings from each Discipline.

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Core courses

Core courses are essential to developing the skills required
to conduct scholarly activity and independent research at Honours
level. All students must enrol in:

HMT4005 Research Design

ENL4001 Cultural Theory and Popular Culture

HMT4001 Honours Dissertation A

HMT4002 Honours Dissertation B

Copyright University of Southern Queensland

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