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Bachelor of Construction BCON

Program focus

Students gain the knowledge and skills to operate as construction
management professionals involved in significant infrastructure and
engineering projects. Students acquire a range of core skills such
as problem-solving, analysis, engineering design, construction and
management as well as specialised skills in built environment, quantity
surveying and building services design.

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available


4 years full-time, 8 years part-time or external

Professional accreditation

Professional accreditation will be sought from Australian Institute
of Building.

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Program aims

The program aims to produce professional level graduates for
the building industry who have a broad range of relevant technical
skills and well developed skills in communication and team work.

The program is designed to capitalise on growing demand and
it's primary aims are to:

  • enable graduates to attain a diverse range of skills and competence
    to successfully manage a wide range of construction projects

  • develop ability to plan, monitor and control the technical,
    logistical, legal and financial aspects associated with building and
    construction projects

  • take a leadership role in planning, managing and organising
    people and other resources on construction projects in the built environment.

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Program objectives

At the completion of the program the graduate will be able

  • apply building principles and methods

  • prepare documentation for building development and construction

  • liaise with other members of the building team, clients and
    other external stakeholders

  • apply relevant legislation and technical standards in building

  • manage the human relations, resources, scheduling, quality control,
    environmental factors and social impacts involved in building projects.

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Program structure

The Bachelor of Construction is a 32 unit program consisting
of Academic courses and Practice courses.

Academic courses are normally one-unit courses and involve approximately
155 hours of student work per unit.

Practice courses are zero unit courses and each involves approximately
50 hours of student work. The only grades available for a Practice
Course are pass (P) and Fail (F). A Practice Course is designed to
enable students to acquire specific competencies associated with their
major study. These competencies range from specific practical and
communication skills through to generic competencies relating to ethical
and social responsibility, awareness of the environment, teamwork,
etc. For an external student a Practice Course generally involves
attendance on-campus for a one-week residential school.

The components of the program are shown in the following table:

Program Component Academic Courses Practice Courses
Number of Courses Units Number of Courses Units
Core Studies 16 16 5 0
Major Study 16 16 up to 1 0
Total 32 32 up to 6 0

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Core courses

The courses that comprise the core studies program are shown
in the following table:

Courses Units
Academic Courses
ENG1002 Introduction to Engineering and Spatial Science Applications 1
ENG1500 Engineering Fundamentals 1
CMG1001 Introduction to Construction Management and the Built Environment 1
MEC1201 Engineering Materials 1
ENG1100 Introduction to Engineering Design 1
ENG1101 Introduction to Engineering Problem Solving 1
MGT1000 Organisational Behaviour 1
CMG2001 Job Organisation 1
ENG2002 Technology, Sustainability and Society 1
FIN1101 Introduction to Corporate Finance 1
SVY1500 Spatial Science for Engineers 1
CIV2502 Structural and Building Technology 1
CMG3001 Measurement and Estimating 1
CMG4001 1
ENG4111 Research Project Part 1 1
ENG4112 Research Project Part 2 1
Practice Courses
ENG1901 Engineering Practice 1 0
CIV3906 Civil Materials Practice 0
CMG4901 0
ENG3902 Professional Practice 1 0
ENG4903 Professional Practice 2 0

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Major studies

The Bachelor of Construction consists of a core component and
a major study. The major study provides students with knowledge and
skills in a specific discipline. The major studies currently available

  • Civil

  • Management.

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Elective courses

Students are required to complete four (4) electives in their
Bachelor of Construction program.
In the Bachelor of Construction,
students are not required to undertake the Elective courses until
the third or fourth level of the program. This enables students enrolled
in the second level of the program to discuss their choice of Electives
with their Head or Program Coordinator. The most popular choices of
courses for Electives may thus be timetabled to allow students to
attend in their fourth year of study. Appropriate Electives are shown
in the tables in the Recommended Enrolment Pattern section. Students
may undertake only one appropriate level five or level eight course
from the Bachelor of Engineering or another program in the Faculty
of Engineering and Surveying as an Elective with the approval of the
Head of Discipline. Heads or Program Coordinators of Discipline may
approve a variation in Elective studies where the student can demonstrate
that there is a sound academic argument for the change. Arguments
based on timetabling difficulties, quota problems etc. will not normally
be entertained. Note however that students who wish to enrol in courses
other than those listed must obtain the written approval of the appropriate
Head or Program Coordinator prior to enrolling in the course if they
want the course to count as credit towards their award.

Students should note that quota restrictions may preclude their
enrolment in particular Elective study courses as students enrolling
in these courses as part of their core or major studies will be given
enrolment priority.

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Exit points

Students who, for whatever reason, are unable to complete the
Bachelor of Construction and who satisfy all of the requirements of
either the Bachelor of Engineering Technology, the Associate Degree of Engineering or the Diploma of Engineering Studies may be permitted to exit with
that award.

Copyright University of Southern Queensland

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