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Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business BABZ

Program focus

This double degree program will allow students to combine their
chosen Arts program with a range of business skills, thus enhancing
their employability. The double degree requires four years of full-time
study or up to nine years of part-time study. Students will complete
a 12 unit extended major or an 8 unit major plus a 4 unit minor from
the Bachelor of Arts majors and the relevant requirements of the Business

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available


4 years full-time, 8 years part-time or external

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Program aims

The program aims to produce graduates who meet the aims and
objectives of both the Bachelor of Arts and
the Bachelor of Business degree programs.

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Program structure

The program comprises 32 units as follows:

Core units 12 courses (4 Arts core courses plus 8 Business core
Arts units 12 courses (1 x 8 unit major + 1 x 4 unit minor or
4 electives) or (1 x 12 unit extended major)
Business units 8 courses (1 x 8 unit major)
Total units 32 units

This structure is set out in the following table:

All Majors
Core 12 units CMS1000
, EDC220, HMT1000, HMT2000 (students cannot study
both HMT2000 and CDS2000 within the one degree), ACC1101, MGT1000, LAW1101
, ECO1000, MKT1001, STA2300, CIS1000 (or CSC1402), POL1000 (or FIN1101),
Arts 12 units 1 x 8 unit major selected from the Bachelor of Arts
plus a 4 unit minor or 4 electives OR 1 x 12 unit extended major
Business Major 8 units Selected from Administrative Management, Human Resource
Management, International Business, Information Technology Management,
Management and Leadership, Marketing, Supply Chain Management or Tourism

The core is made up as follows:

Arts Core Semester/mode of offer Toowoomba Campus
CMS1000 Communication and Scholarship
S1, S2, S3
EDC2200 Indigenous Perspectives
HMT1000 History of Western Ideas
HMT2000 Ethical Issues and Human Rights
(students cannot study both HMT2000 and CDS2000 within
the one degree)
Business Core Semester/mode of offer Toowoomba Campus
ACC1101 Accounting for Decision-Making S1, S2, S3
MGT1000 Organisational Behaviour S1, S2, S3
LAW1101 Introduction to Law S1, S2, S3
ECO1000 Economics S1, S2, S3
MKT1001 Introduction to Marketing S1, S2, S3
STA2300 Data Analysis S1, S2, S3
CSC1402 Foundation Computing or S1, S2, S3
CIS1000 Information Systems Concepts S1, S2, S3
POL1000 Government, Business and Society or S1
FIN1101 Introduction to Corporate Finance S1, S3

Arts Studies

The Arts component shall comprise either:

  • at least 12 courses comprising of an eight unit major plus one
    4 unit minor or 4 electives from Bachelor of Arts
    , Bachelor of Communication or Bachelor of Creative Arts (students choosing majors
    from Bachelor of Creative Arts must
    contact the School of Creative Arts as not all majors are available
    in this degree) or

  • a 12 unit extended major from theBachelor of Arts

At least two units from each major must be at third year level.

Business Studies

The Business component shall comprise an eight-unit discipline-based
major chosen from the following majors available within the Bachelor of Business

  • Administrative Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Information Technology Management

  • International Business

  • Management and Leadership

  • Marketing

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Tourism Management

Copyright University of Southern Queensland

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