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MBA and Postgraduate Diploma in Banking

About the course

These programmes are tailored for professionals with careers in the banking sector and provide training in the principles underlying good banking practice.

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available

Program Aims

These programmes provide banking sector professionals with a wide range of skills and knowledge to equip them to meet the constantly changing challenges facing the modern financial sector. They are especially valuable for people holding a professional qualification (including accounting, finance or related professions) who are employed in banks or other financial firms.

Career Progression

These programmes provide a sound foundation for career progression in banking and the financial sector.

Structure and Syllabus

MBA: 6 courses (5 core courses plus 1 elective)
Postgraduate Diploma: 4 courses chosen from those marked (*)

MBA structure

Five core courses:
Bank financial management [C322]*
Financial law [C340]*
Risk management: principles and applications [C323]*
Corporate finance [C321]*
Law and regulation of electronic finance and internet banking [C245]*
PLUS one elective from the following:
Macroeconomic policy and financial markets [C325]*
Banking and capital markets [C326]
Bank regulation and resolution of banking crises [C356]*

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