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International Business - MSc and Postgraduate Diploma

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available

Structure and Syllabus

Please note:
The Postgraduate Certificate in International Management provides a progression route [PDF: 1 pg, 53KB] to the Postgraduate Diploma and MSc in International Business. So, if you are still unsure whether you should follow the International Management or International Business route at this stage, the Postgraduate Certificate in International Management is the ideal starting point for your studies.

Postgraduate Certificate in International Management: 5 core courses
Postgraduate Diploma in International Business: 6 core courses and 4 electives
MSc in International Business: 6 core courses, 4 electives, research course and dissertation

MSc structure

Six core courses
International accounting and finance
International human resource management and organisational behaviour
Information systems and operations management
International strategy
International marketing
International business economics
PLUS four electives chosen from the following:
International entrepreneurship
China and the international economy
Advertising and promotional communication
Cooperative strategy
International business analysis
International sustainability management
Corporate social responsibility
Management of Japanese multinationals
Multinational enterprise and the global economy
Investment management
Corporate finance
Knowledge management
International business law
Global financial markets
[Note: exit here and receive the Postgraduate Diploma]
PLUS Research course
Business research methods
PLUS Research project

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