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Epidemiology - MSc and Postgraduate Diploma

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available

Structure and Syllabus

MSc: 9 modules plus a compulsory project report and a qualifying examination paper
Postgraduate Diploma: 8 modules (6 compulsory core modules plus 2 elective modules)
Postgraduate Certificate: 4 modules (the first 4 compulsory modules)

Four compulsory core modules
Fundamentals of epidemiology [EPM101]
Statistics with computing [EPM102]
Practical epidemiology [EPM103]
Writing and reviewing scientific papers [EPM105]
Plus two compulsory modules (Postgraduate Diploma and Msc only)
Study design: writing a grant application [EPM201]
Statistical methods in epidemiology [EPM202]
Plus further elective modules (two for Postgraduate Diploma, three for MSc)
Postgraduate Diploma: Both modules must be chosen from EPM3; at least one of the elective modules must be chosen from either EPM301 or EPM303.
MSc: At least two modules must be taken from Selection group EPM3, one of which must be
either EPM301 or EPM303. The remaining module can be chosen from other EPM3 modules, or
from the selection groups listed below.
Plus compulsory Project report [EPM500] and a qualifying examination paper [EPM400] (MSc only)
Selection groups
Elective modules from group CTM2
Trial designs [CTM202] (recommended)
Project management and research co-ordination [CTM203]
Regulatory affairs, good clinical practice and ethics [CTM204]
Further statistical methods in clinical trials [CTM208]
Cluster randomised trials [CTM209] (recommended)
Elective modules from group EPM3 (recommended)
Epidemiology of communicable diseases [EPM301]
Modelling and the dynamics of infectious diseases [EPM302]
Epidemiology of non-communicable diseases [EPM303]
Advanced statistical methods in epidemiology [EPM304]
Human genetic epidemiology [EPM306]
Elective modules from group IDM2
Bacterial infections [IDM201]
Nutrition and infection [IDM202]
Parasitology [IDM203]
Hospital infection [IDM205]
Water and sanitation [IDM210]
Immunology of infection and vaccines [IDM213]
Elective module from group IDM3
Epidemiology and control of infectious diseases in developing countries [IDM301] (recommended)
Elective modules from group IDM5
Tuberculosis [IDM502]
Malaria [IDM503]
Elective modules from group PHM2
Analytical models for decision making [PHM201]
Communicable disease control [PHM202] (recommended)
Economic analysis for management and policy [PHM203]
Economic evaluation [PHM204]
Environmental epidemiology [PHM205] (recommended)
Environmental health policy [PHM206]
Health care evaluation [PHM207]
Financial management [PHM208]
Globalisation and health [PHM209]
Managing health services [PHM210]
Medical anthropology in public health [PHM211]
Organisational management [PHM212]
Principles and practice of health promotion [PHM213]

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