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Diploma in the Common Law

About the course

Law plays an increasingly important role in all areas of modern life. Whether you live in a common law or a civil law jurisdiction, a knowledge of the common law is frequently useful and sometimes essential in the business world and, indeed, in many other occupations.

If you wish to gain some knowledge and expertise in the common law of England and Wales, but do not wish to study for a law degree, then this programme is for you.

You will develop a critical awareness of the common law legal tradition and be able to apply analytical and problem-solving skills in a range of legal and non-legal settings. We will help you to enhance key skills of communication, information literacy, analysis and discussion.

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available

Program Aims


Structure and Syllabus

The Diploma consists of four subjects:

One compulsory subject
Common law reasoning and institutions (Intermediate Subject)
Plus three optional subjects chosen from the following:
Criminal law (Intermediate Subject)
Public law (Intermediate Subject)
Elements of the law of contract (Intermediate Subject)
Law of tort
Law of trusts (co/prerequisite 'Land law')
Land law
Jurisprudence and legal theory
Administrative law
Commercial law (co/prerequisite 'Elements of the law of contract')
Company law (co/prerequisite 'Elements of the law of contract')
Conflict of laws
EU law
Evidence (co/prerequisite 'Criminal law')
Family law
History of English law
Intellectual property (co/prerequisite 'Elements of the law of contract')
International protection of human rights
Introduction to Islamic law
Labour law (co/prerequisite 'Elements of the law of contract')
Public international law


  • In addition to the compulsory subject 'Common law reasoning and institutions', you choose three other subjects, only one of which may be another Intermediate subject.
  • Co and prerequisites, when required, are shown in brackets beside the appropriate subject(s). For example, you need to have already studied 'Land law' (prerequisite) if you want to choose 'Law of trusts' as an option - unless you are studying the Diploma over one year as a full-time student, in which case you would study 'Land law' (corequisite) at the same time as 'Law of trusts'.

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