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Diploma in Social Sciences

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Structure and Syllabus

You must pass all four courses in order to be awarded the Diploma in Social Sciences. If you are applying for the Diploma in Social Sciences with the intention of proceeding to one of the degrees in Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences, you should choose your courses with care. Consider the courses that are available on the degree that interest you and choose courses that are common to both that degree and the Diploma. This will help to ensure that, when you successfully complete the Diploma, you will receive credit for the courses you have passed.

Please note: the following course information sheets are in pdf format.

Diploma in Social Sciences: 4 courses
Two courses chosen from:
IR1011 Introduction to international relations
MN1107 Introduction to business and management*
PS1114 Democratic politics and the State
PS1130 Introduction to modern political thought
SC1021 Principles of sociology
Plus two full courses (or the equivalent) chosen from:
Any course not already chosen above
AC1025 Principles of accounting*
DV1171 Introduction to international development
EC1002 Introduction to economics
FN1024 Principles of banking and finance*
GY1009 Human geography
GY1147 Physical geography: fundamentals of the physical environment
GY1148 Methods of geographical analysis (half unit)
IR1034 World history since 1917
IS1060 Introduction to information systems*
IS1168 Introduction to computer systems architecture and programming
LA1031 Common law reasoning and institutions*
MT105A Mathematics 1 (half course)
MT105B Mathematics 2 (half unit)‡
MT1173 Algebra**
MT1174 Calculus
SC1158 Reading social science (half unit)
ST104A Statistics 1 (half unit)
ST104B Statistics 2 (half unit)†
You may take a maximum of two courses marked (*).


  • This page is intended for use by prospective students as a guide. The structure shown above is subject to confirmation in the 2011-2012 Regulations. The Regulations also contain full details on the rules that govern the choice of any unit. Students already registered on the programme should consult the current Regulations section of our website.
  • †ST104B Statistics 2 must be taken after or at the same time as ST104A Statistics 1.
  • ‡MT105B Mathematics 2 must be taken after or at the same time as MT105A Mathematics 1.
  • **MT1173 Algebra can only be taken alongside MT1174 Calculus.
  • Some courses cannot be taken together. Where this applies, a note to this effect is included under the relevant syllabuses.
  • Course codes are new from the 2011–2012 academic year and replace any previous year’s examination numbers. This change does not affect the syllabus or course content. Please note that the course information sheet displays the old code – this will be updated in due course.

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