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Computing and Information Systems - BSc Diploma and Work Experience Entry Route

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available

Career Progression

The programme has been developed by academics within the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths. The Department is a leading centre in the UK for the study of Arts and Music Computing, Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Science. Academic staff are leaders and partners on a variety of research projects. This degree will prepare you for a variety of careers, including Systems Analyst, Systems Designer, Application Programmer and IT Consultant.

Structure and Syllabus

BSc: 12 units (11 units plus the compulsory project)
Diploma: 5 units (the 4 compulsory Level 1 units plus a fifth compulsory unit Mathematics for business) PLUS a Study skills in English course
Work Experience Entry Route: 2 units ('Information systems: foundations of e-business' and 'Introduction to Java and object-oriented programming')

BSc structure

Level 1
Four compulsory full units:
Mathematics for computing [2910102]
Information systems: foundations of e-business [2910108]
Introduction to Java and object-oriented programming [2910109]
Introduction to computing and the internet [2910110]
Level 2
Four compulsory full units:
Database systems [2910209]
Graphical object-oriented and Internet programming in Java [2910220]
Data communications and enterprise networking [2910222]
Software engineering, algorithm design and analysis [2910226]
Level 3
Six half units chosen from the following:
Artificial intelligence [2910310]
Neural networks [2910311]
Software engineering management [2910314]
Interaction design [2910348]
Operations research and combinatorial optimisation [2910352]
Accounting information systems [2910317]
Information systems management [2910318]
Decision support and executive information systems [2910319]
Electronic commerce [2910323]
Data compression [2910325]
Computer security [2910326]
PLUS a compulsory project:
Project [2910320] (full unit)

Note: This page is intended for use by prospective students as a guide. The structure shown above is subject to confirmation in the 2011-2012 Regulations. Students already registered on the programme should consult the current Regulations.

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