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BSc Business Administration with human resource management

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available

Program Aims

This programme aims to provide you with:

  • a systematic understanding of management-related problems, and conceptual tools for analyzing and evaluating management issues
  • a sound knowledge and understanding of the discipline of management with an emphasis on the historical, political, cultural and institutional forces shaping modern business
  • a stimulating learning environment in which to engage with case material
  • the skills and competencies necessary for the development of your creative and decision-making capabilities.

Career Progression

This course will enable you to develop skills so that you can think and act strategically and exert influence in the workplace, enabling you to succeed in the business world. It will help you gain a competitive edge and drive your career forward, and may also assist a career change, achieve a salary increase, improve promotion prospects or simply broaden horizons and increase marketability.

Structure and Syllabus

The 12-unit BSc degree consists of 4 Foundation, 4 Advanced, and 4 Specialist units. The four study routes include a general pathway and three specialist pathways:

  • BSc Business Administration
  • BSc Business Administration with Marketing
  • BSc Business Administration with Human Resource Management
  • BSc Business Administration with International Business

BSc Business Administration with Human Resource Management

Copyright University of London

Foundation level (four units)
Two compulsory full units:
Management and the modern corporation [BBA0010]
Accounting for management [BBA0020]
AND four compulsory half units:
Business analysis and decision making [BBA0030]
Business statistics [BBA0040]
Business study skills and methods [BBA0050]
Management and communication skills [BBA0060]
Advanced level (four units)
One compulsory full unit:
Strategic management [BBA0070]
AND one human resource management full unit:
Human resource management [BBA0090]
AND two full units from:
Production and operations management [BBA0100]
Management information systems [BBA0110]
Management accounting [BBA0120]
Marketing management [BBA0080]
Specialist level (four units)
One compulsory full unit:
Modern business in comparative perspective [BBA0130]
AND the equivalent of two full human resource management units:
Managing organisational change [BBA0190] (half unit)
The individual at work [BBA0200] (half unit)
International human resource management [BBA0180] (full unit)
PLUS the equivalent of one full unit from:
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