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BA History

About the course

Designed to incite, energize and stimulate your historical imagination, the BA History provides a structured route into the past in all its guises. The diverse subject matter ranges from an introduction to ancient philosophy to civil rights in 1960s America, and from ethnicity, identity and citizenship in modern British life to the interpretation and writing of history.

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available

Program Aims

  • to offer access to an ever-expanding stock of knowledge and understanding about the past, and to reflect on the diversity of past human experience
  • to afford critical insight into the range of interpretations, theories and approaches that historians have adopted and tested over time
  • to cultivate a broad range of skills - the ability to think critically, assess evidence of many kinds and express ideas with precision - all of which are highly valued by employers. These skills can be transferred to many different careers or provide a grounding for further academic study.

Structure and Syllabus

To complete this online degree you study the equivalent of twelve full courses.

Level 1 (4 courses)
Two half Foundation courses
History and meanings
State, society and the individual in the non-western world
PLUS three full Gateway courses
The birth of western Christendom AD 300-1215
Republics, kings and people: the foundations of modern political culture
The rich tapestry of life: A social and cultural history of Europe c. 1500-1780
Level 2 (4 courses)
Two Group A courses AND two Group B courses chosen from the list below
Level 3 (4 courses)
Two Group B courses AND one Group C double course chosen from the list below
Level 2 and 3 optional courses
Group A full courses
From nation state to multiple monarchy: British history, 1485-1649
British history 1770-1990
Modern times: international economic history c. 1901-1990
Twentieth century world history
US history since 1877
Group B full courses
The Crusades and the eastern Mediterranean 1095-1291
Experience, culture and identity: women’s lives in England 1688-c. 1850
Ethnicity, identity and citizenship in modern British life
Modern political ideas
Group C double courses
Blasphemy, irreligion and the English Enlightenment 1650-1720
Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement in the USA
The clash of powers and cultures: Sino-American relations during the Cold War

· Not all courses will necessarily be available in every year.

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