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Master of Human Service

Graduation requirements


Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available

What is this course about?

CSU's Master of Human Service offers students the opportunity to develop high level research and critical analysis skills in the areas of social welfare and human services, culminating in the development of a dissertation.

The course aims to meet the diverse needs of managers, planners and others working within the broad field of human services management and social policy analysis, development and implementation, in public or non-government, community or business sectors.
The completion of the course enables human services management and policy practitioners to:

  • demonstrate that they have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently manage their organisations
  • analyse, plan and implement social policies to enhance the quality of human services
  • demonstrate advanced practice knowledge in human services management and social policy
  • demonstrate critical, analytical and reflective management and policy analysis skills
  • demonstrate a high level of understanding of contemporary issues and challenges, and future directions, in human services.

Students can choose to specialise in one of the following areas:

  • Community Development
  • Correctional Management 
  • Management and Policy.

Articulation and credit

Credit of up to four subjects (32 points) may be awarded to a student who has completed equivalent study at Master or Graduate Diploma level at a recognised tertiary institution.

All credit applications will be considered by the Course Coordinator.

Course structure

Coursework Option:

Session 1

HCS521 Practice Leadership in the Human Services (16)

Session 2

ETH402 Vulnerability and the Ethics of Intervention
Elective 1

Session 3

Elective 2 AND/OR 3 (either 2X8 points or 1X16 points)

Session 4

Elective 4 AND/OR5 (either 2X8 points or 1X16 points)

Dissertation Options

Session 1

HCS521 Practice Leadership in the Human Services (16)

Session 2

ETH402 Vulnerability and the Ethics of Intervention
SWK504 Human Services Research Methods

Session 3

SWK500 Social Work and Human Services Dissertation (start) (16)
Elective 1 (8)

Session 4

SWK500 Social Work and Human Services Dissertation (finish) (16)
Elective 2 (8)


Correction Management:

  • JST430 Introduction to Corrections in Australasia
  • JST433 Principles of Correctional Management
  • JST515 Correctional Policy in Australasia
  • JST444 Deviance and Control
  • JST431 Psycho Social Aspects of Correctional Management
  • JST477 Community Corrections
  • JST509 Prisons: Institutions and Experience
  • JST516 Correctional Administration Reading Subject
  • JST432 Practicum-Correctional Administration

Management and Policy

  • MGT501 Management Theory and Practice
  • PAD591 Public Sector Management
  • SPE501 Advanced Social Policy Analysis and Planning (16)
  • HRM502 Human Resource Management

Community Development

  • HCS516 Community Development (Adv) (16)
  • SWK414 International Social Development
  • SWK402 Social Planning and Evaluation
  • Elective

At a glance

Study Mode

Distance education


Wagga Wagga


Session 1




Part-time 2 years (4 sessions)



Indicative ATAR


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