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Master of Business Leadership

Graduation requirements

Master of Business Leadership

To graduate students must successfully complete 96 points.

Graduate Diploma of Business Leadership (exit point only)

To graduate students must successfully complete 64 points.

Graduate Certificate in Business Leadership

To graduate students must successfully complete 32 points.

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available

What is this course about?

The Master of Business Leadership is designed for senior managers and executives who are prepared to stretch and and develop themselves in order to lead their organisation forward to the next level.

Intensive competition for resources and demand for high performance are putting pressure on organisations to become more flexible, more results-focused, and more responsive. To meet such challenges, organisations require capable leaders that can prudently influence and inspire others with well articulated visions that are strategic, persuasive and measurable.

CSU's Master of Business Leadership provides students with a leadership framework that assists them to set strategic goals, communicate ideas, effectively lead and successfully sustain high performance teams and deliver results. Theoretical concepts included in the course include examining leadership theory and context, evaluating leadership as a dynamic activity that facilitates staff commitment with organisational goals, critiquing the role of effective leadership and how individual values link with organisational values.

The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) is embedded into the program. MLQ is a comprehensive survey that measures a full range of leadership styles which includes 360 degree feedback. Participants receive detailed individual reflection and feedback on leadership styles and values. Our Master of Business Leadership is one of only two in Australia that has embedded the MLQ into its course structure.

CSU has an excellent reputation for providing quality education delivered by dedicated academics with relevant industry experience. Our lecturers are supported by well researched curriculum and teaching methods. Our online educational environment offers a broad range of modern systems dedicated to teaching and learning in addition to facilitating communication and collaboration among students and academics.

Flexible offering

As with all our courses, the Master of Business Leadership is designed and delivered with study flexibility in mind. You can choose between full-time and part-time study options to fit in with work and lifestyle commitments. You could choose to study just one subject in an academic session or, with approval, fast-track degree completion by undertaking four subjects per session. 

Workplace learning

CSU's Master of Business Leadership is strongly workplace-focused and will allow you to develop skills and knowledge that can be readily applied in your professional life. The course provides rigorous assignments that have both a theoretical base and a strong practical emphasis. Assessments are designed so that students are able to directly apply their learning to the workplace. These assignments are tremendous learning opportunities which enable students to test their knowledge and ideas, and receive expert feedback.

It is this focus on application, experimentation and feedback which is essential to developing one's business and leadership knowledge and skills.

In many cases, assignments may require you to act as a consultant or business manager to identify business issues and problems and develop creative solutions to overcome these challenges. Throughout your Master of Business Leaderships studies, you may undertake assignments requiring the development of a strategic marketing or management plan for the organisation or identifying human resources management problems and recommending solutions for implementation.

Career opportunities

Career opportunities

The Master of Business Leadership is designed to assist students in building leadership skills and to deliver new thinking, visible results and lasting impact on their career and their organisations. The knowledge and skills obtained during the course are transferrable across all industries and types of organisations, including corporate business, government, private and not-for-profit organisations.

Course structure

Master of Business Leadership

The course comprises eleven subjects, ten standard subject and one 16 point subject.

MGT599 Leadership Theory and Practice (16 points) - double subject studied in one session
MGT501 Management Theory and Practice
MGT594 Leadership and Business Ethics

Completion of the above subjects allows students to exit with the Graduate Certificate in Business Leadership (32 points)

HRM512 Values and Conflict in Organisations
MGT540 Management of Change
MGT510 Strategic Management
MGT584 Leadership in Business

Completion of the above subjects allows students to exit with the Graduate Diploma of Business Leadership (64 points)

Plus any four 500 level Faculty of Business Postgraduate Subjects

Enrolment pattern

There is no prescribed enrolment pattern because of the flexibility of the course requirements. However it is recommended that where possible, and depending on subject availability, that students progressively complete the subjects in the Graduate Certificate, then the Graduate Diploma and finally the Masters.


The Master degree, Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate (exit point only) form an articulated set of courses, and credit is given in each higher level course for subjects completed in a lower course in the set.

At a glance

Study Mode

Distance education




Session 1; Session 2; Session 3




The minimum full-time duration for these courses is:

Master of Business Leadership:

Three sessions by distance education.

Graduate Certificate in Business Leadership:

Two sessions by distance education.



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