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CG49 - Master of Engineering (Power Generation)

About Power Generation

Electricity generation is a growing industry that is currently suffering from specialised skill shortages. External pressure to optimise and progress power generation technology has pushed this industry into an exciting new era with vast potential. In order to maintain current levels of power generation and to progress forward with a view to satisfy public and social needs, the industry is increasingly looking for specialised professionals to help develop and maintain the technology the world will need in the future. The Master of Engineering (Power Generation) has been designed and developed jointly by Universities and industries and is driven by power generation industries to provide them with the specialised skills they need to progress.

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available

Career Opportunities

Developed by expert industry and university staff, the Power Generation program has been tailored for professional engineers and para-professionals already working in the power generation sector. Engineers working in other fields and recent graduates may also enrol in the program as a first step towards building a career in the power generation industry.

Course Overview At A Glance

Program at a glance
Duration 2 years part-time plus the completion of a project 
Availability/Campus Contact Domestic - External
International - External
Courses/Units of Credit 8 courses/72 units of credit
Faculty Sciences, Engineering & Health
How to Apply

direct to the University - ONLINE

Entry Requirements please refer to the entry requirements section
Professional Accreditation not applicable
Residential School

Yes (Compulsory)

Practicum/Work placement

no applicable

Exit Awards Graduate Diploma , Graduate Certificate
Interim Awards not applicable
Post Nominal MEng (PowGen) 
Be What You Want To Be Phone: 13CQUni (132786); Enquire: Admissions

Program Aims

The Power Generation Skills Development Program is aimed at the continuing professional development of persons currently employed in the field of engineering within the power generation industry. The programs include a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master of Engineering (Power Generation). The programs are practically focused in that they develop the essential knowledge and skills required by both managers and practitioners to meet the current and future needs of the power generation industry. The key learning outcomes of these programs is to develop the student ability to:

  • understand philosophies, strategies, procedures and techniques associated with the operation of modern industrial power generation plant;
  • apply a practical knowledge of the power generation industry and its current and future needs;
  • contribute positively to the management of power generation plant;
  • provide leadership in the industrial power generation organisation; and
  • create opportunities to improve power generation practice.

Program Structure

Master of Engineering (Power Generation) program schedule

Students can enrol in a Power Generation program at any of the three partner universities, and upon completing the program will receive their qualification from that institution.

Requirements for the Master of Engineering (Power Generation) are for each student to complete 8 courses made up of 5 core courses and 3 elective courses, with a final 24 unit of credit research project.

To complete the Master's program at CQUniversity a student has to complete the CQUniversity core course Asset Management Systems, in addition to the four core courses offered by the partner universities. Students must also complete two of the following CQUniversity electives: Power Plant Chemistry, Advanced Power Plant, Bulk Materials and Waste Products or Plant Materials, plus an elective from any of the three partner Universities.

Courses Offered

5 compulsory courses
Course Code Course Name
ENPG21001 Asset Management Systems
Project Delivery (offered at QUT)  
Rotating Machinery (offered at UQ)  
Introduction to Power Plant (offered at QUT)  
Regulation, Compliance and Safety (offered at UQ)  
plus 3 electives from the following list
Course Code Course Name
ENPG21002 Advanced Power Plant
ENPG22001 Power Plant Chemistry
ENPG22002 Bulk Materials and Waste Products
ENPG22003 Plant Materials
Industrial Power Distribution (offered at QUT)  
Industrial Power Systems (offered at QUT)  
Applied Thermodynamics (offered at QUT)  
Gas Plant and Systems (offered at UQ)  
Transformer Technology Design and Operation (offered at UQ)  
Generator Technology Design and Operation (offered at UQ)  
Plant Control Systems (offered at UQ)  

NOTE: Partner university courses will be accepted as cross institutional study. Prior learning from continuing education courses will also be accepted as six units of credit course exemptions.

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