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CG98 - Bachelor of Laws

About Law

The law is the system of rules and regulations by which society functions efficiently and harmoniously. The legal system protects the rights and responsibilities of both individuals and groups, and ensures social and economic interactions are conducted smoothly and peacefully. Essentially, laws serve as the primary mediator of relations between people.

Every state and country has its own legal system.  There are many different branches of law including corporate law, property and taxation law through to media, environmental health and international law. All types of law have far-reaching effects and help to shape politics, economics and society in numerous ways.

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Laws program will satisfy the academic requirement for admission as a legal practitioner. Law graduates are required to undergo a period of practical legal training before admission as a legal practitioner and can practice law in Australia. A law degree will provide you with the qualifications to pursue a number of careers in the field of law, including solicitor, barrister, government legal officer, judicial officer, law academic, company director, in-house counsel, diplomat and politician.  Our Bachelor of Laws program may also be undertaken by industry professionals looking to increase their knowledge of law within their own profession. Many law graduates work in areas not directly related to the law but are working in occupations and industries where the knowledge and skills of a law degree are highly sought after and valued.

Course Overview At A Glance

Program at a glance
Duration 3 years full-time; 6 years part-time 
Availability/Campus Contact Domestic - External
Courses/Units of Credit 24 courses/144 units of credit
Faculty Arts, Business, Informatics & Education
How to Apply

Domestic students - QTAC

QTAC Codes: 856105 Distance Education

Entry Requirements

Domestic students - OP 10

Prerequisites: English, Queensland Year 12 or equivalent

Professional Accreditation

Legal Practitioners Admissions Board of Queensland

The degree is an approved academic qualification for admission to the legal profession.   Graduates are also required to undertake a further period of practical legal training before being admitted as a legal practitioner. 

Residential School not applicable
Practicum/Work placement not applicable
Exit Awards not applicable
Interim Awards not applicable
Post Nominal LLB 
Be What You Want To Be Phone: 13CQUni (132786); Enquire: Admissions
CRICOS Codes not-applicable

Program Aims


The Bachelor of Laws program at CQUniversity is a three-year undergraduate degree. The program covers all the areas of law required to satisfy professional accreditation and enables graduates to proceed to practice as a legal practitioner after completing the required professional training.

During your studies you will learn about legal procedures and key legislation, and be given the opportunity to develop skills necessary to identify, analyse and evaluate facts in relation to legal framework.

The areas of law covered in the program include contract, torts, criminal law, constitutional and administrative law, property law, equity and trusts, civil procedure, corporations law, commercial law, family law and succession,  revenue law, professional practice and jurisprudence.

Program Structure


To satisfy the requirements for the award, students must complete 24 core courses (144 units of credit).

Courses Offered

Program Structure
Course Code Course Name
24 core courses
LAWS11057 Introduction to Law A
LAWS11058 Criminal Law A
LAWS11061 Contract A
LAWS11063 Torts A
LAWS11059 Introduction to Law B
LAWS11060 Criminal Law B
LAWS11062 Contract B
LAWS11064 Torts B
LAWS19035 Property Law
LAWS12055 Constitutional Law
LAWS12056 Equity
LAWS12057 Civil Procedure A
LAWS12059 Property Law B
LAWS12058 Civil Procedure B
LAWS12060 Trusts
LAWS12061 Administrative Law
LAWS13009 Corporations Law
LAWS13010 Evidence and Proof
LAWS13011 Family Law
LAWS13012 Issues in Succession Law
LAWS13013 Professional Conduct in the Legal Profession
LAWS13014 Revenue Law
LAWS13015 Principles of Commercial Law
LAWS13016 Jurisprudence

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