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CG14 - Bachelor of Health Promotion

About Health Promotion

Health promotion professionals contribute to the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and organisations through informing and empowering at all levels.

Study Mode

Online Education, Distance Learning & External study modes available

Career Opportunities

CQUniversity is providing excellent career opportunities for its health students throughout Australia and overseas.

Health Promotion can be found in a variety of health settings such as: health, community health organisations, and wellness divisions of private enterprises in rural, regional and urban settings.

Career options include: health promotion coordinator, project manager, policy and strategic planning officers and community development officers.

Employment opportunities exist within local, state and commonwealth government health departments, major non-government organisations (e.g. Diabetes Australia, National Heart Foundation etc), private industry (e.g. medical insurance companies, corporate health companies, and health promotion consultants), overseas aid agencies (e.g. Community Aid Abroad, AusAID), universities, peak bodies, professional associations and international agencies (e.g. World Health Organisation, World Vision, Greenpeace, United Nations).

Course Overview At A Glance

Program at a glance
Duration 3 years full-time, 6 years part-time 
Availability/Campus Contact Domestic - BDG; External
Courses/Units of Credit 24 courses/144 units of credit
Faculty Sciences, Engineering & Health
How to Apply

Domestic students - QTAC

QTAC codes: 850485 External

International students - direct to the University - ONLINE

Entry Requirements

Domestic - Prerequisites - English (4, SA); Recommended study - Physical education

International students - refer to the international student section.

Professional Accreditation not applicable
Residential School

There are recommended residential schools at the Bundaberg Campus.  See the Residential Schools for more information.

There is a compulsory residential school for BIOH11005 at the Bundaberg campus.

Practicum/Work placement

Some courses involve voluntary industry experience.

Exit Awards not applicable
Interim Awards not applicable
Post Nominal BHP 
Be What You Want To Be Phone: 13CQUni (132786); Enquire: Admissions
CRICOS Codes not-applicable

Program Aims

The aim of the BHP is to produce health care professionals with the ability to work effectively in their communities in the area of health promotion. This program seeks to provide students with a comprehensive set of knowledge and skills that reflect the National Health Promotion Competencies and the CQUniversity generic graduate skills and attributes which should enable them to work with individuals and communities to increase control over and improve their health and wellbeing.

Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to:

1. Initiate, manage and evaluate a health promotion project in an ethical manner as an entry level health promotion practitioner.

2. identify and develop sustainable partnerships with key stakeholders including those from diverse cultural backgrounds.

3. Communicate in a manner appropriate to an entry level health promotion practitioner, including utilising oral, written, interpersonal and electronic media.

4. Use a range of information and other technologies appropriate to the practice of an entry level health promotion practitioner.

5. Evaluate and apply relevant health promotion theoretical knowledge to health promotion projects and situations.

Program Structure

Students must complete 18 core courses, plus 6 in a second discipline area.

It is recommended students choose a  second discipline area from the recommended list, taking into account personal interests and affiliations.

Courses Offered

Core courses
Course Code Course Name
Year 1 - Term 1
BIOH11005 Introductory Anatomy and Physiology
ENVH11001 Health and the Environment
HLTH11027 Foundations of Health
HLTH11031 Healthy Lifestyles
Year 1 - Term 2
INDG19016 Contemporary Indigenous Issues
INDG11006 Foundations of Indigenous Learning
HLTH11029 Health Promotion Concepts
HLTH11030 Health Communication
NURS11153 Health and Behaviour
Year 2 - Term 1
HLTH11028 Community Needs Assessment
HLTH12030 Drugs in Society
SOCL19070 Health and Medical Sociology
Second Plan  
Year 2 - Term 2
GEOG19021 Geographic Information Systems
HLTH12028 Health Promotion Strategies
NURS13117 Research in Health Care
Second Plan  
Year 3 - Term 1
HLTH13031 Population Health Epidemiology
HLTH13032 Health Promotion in Practice A
Second Plan  
Second Plan  
Year 3 - Term 2
HLTH13033 Health Promotion in Practice B
SOWK14004 Reconciliation in the Workplace and Community
Second Plan  
Second Plan  

The second plan consists of 6 courses in a second discipline area which must include at least 4 Advanced Level courses. Students can choose from the recommended plans or design their own plan to improve their employment opportunities in consultation with the Program Coordinator. Please see Faculty web page for details on which courses are included in each of the second plans

Recommended second plans include:

  • Communication Practice
  • Exercise and Sport Sciences
  • Human Resources Management
  • Nutrition Science
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Vocational Education and Training
Second plans
Communication Practice
The following courses cover a variety of communication channels including written, verbal and visual.
Course Code Course Name
Level 1
COMM11007 Media Writing
COMM11108 Communication and Democracy in Australia
COMM12022 Technology, Communication and Culture
COMM12030 Desktop Publishing
COMM12033 Speech Communication
COMM12116 Contemporary Photomedia
Exercise and Sports Sciences
Recommended for those students with an interest in the physical activity aspects of health and promotion.
Course Code Course Name
Level 1
ESSC11004 Study and Research Skills for Health Science
ESSC11002 Measurement and Evaluation in Health Science
Level 2
ESSC12001 Exercise and Sport Physiology
ESSC12004 Exercise and Sport Biomechanics
ESSC12007 Applied Exercise and Sport Psychology
ESSC12008 Applied Exercise and Sport Biomechanics
Human Resources Management
Recommended for those students with an interest in the management side of health and promotion who will be better served in.  Students will acquire an understanding of a wide range of business areas and operations.
Course Code Course Name
Level 1
HRMT11011 Human Resources in Organisations
MGMT11109 Introduction to Management
HRMT19016 Contemporary Organisational & H R M Studies
HRMT19020 Managing Organisational Change
HRMT19021 Principles of Employment Relations
HRMT19023 HRM Competencies
MGMT19103 Logistics Management
MGMT19114 Strategic Management
Nutrition Science

Recommended for those students with an interest in nutritional aspects of health promotion.

Students completing Nutrition Science plan please contact your Program Advisor prior to enrolling in the below courses.

Course Code Course Name
Level 1
CHEM11007 Introductory Concepts of Chemical Sciences
CHEM11008 Essential Principles of Chemical Sciences
BMED19003 Clinical Biochemistry
BMED19006 Nutrition in Practice
BMED19010 Macromolecules and Cell Function
Occupational Health and Safety
Recommended for those students looking for a career within occupational health and safety.

Copyright CQUniversity

Course Code Course Name
Level 1
OCHS12001 Introductory Occupational Health and Safety
OCHS12005 Risk Management and Safety Technology CQ26
OCHS13008 Human Factors CQ26
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